7 February 2012 (Tuesday) - Stuff

I was sleeping quite well last night. Until about 5.30am when next door's dogs started barking. And they woofed and woofed. I could hear them through a brick wall, so surely next door could have heard them? Surely they would have gone to see what the problem was? But they didn't. And the woofing continued.
After half an hour or so I gave up and got up and did my morning's routine. The morning didn't seem overly cold when I got up, but on the way to work the temperature fell. The car's thermometer was reading minus eight by the time we got to Canterbury. I don't know if I believe those things: on-line weather forecasts never seem to be in agreement with the car thermometer readings.
But it was cold. And for all that the ice has cleared from the main roads, the back streets are still icy - I fell over twice on my walk home from being dropped off this evening.

And so to Folkestone where the tribes gathered for this Tuesday's conglomeration. We spent an amusing half an hour trying to find the remote control for the DVD player. Trying, and failing. And after discussing the physiological methods by which one could tiddle ones' self to death we watched an episode of "Firefly" on the emergency backup DVD player. We spent a few minutes with the assorted menagerie, and then home again.
I like our Tuesday meet-ups....

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