22 February 2012 (Wednesday) - Busy, Busy....

As well as being my birthday, yesterday was another anniversary. It was my thousandth blog entry here on Blogger, and my two thousandth blog entry (in total). I've been making daily diary entries since September 2006. that's five and a half years. Not bad going really.

After a rather restless night I made a point of being up and about for the arrival of "Daddies Little Angel TM" and Sid. Whilst "Daddies Little Angel TM" worked on her latest essay I did some paintings. I had a couple of commissions to sort out, and I also wanted to try out the smaller sized canvas I bought last week at Dunelm Mill. I'm quite pleased with how the paintings turned out. As always photos are available on Facebook if you know where to look. Before I do any more painting I need to get some white spirit. I have been using "Artist's white spirit" from the art shop. From now on I think I shall get white spirit from B&Q at a fraction of the price for ten times the amount.

As essay writing and grand-dog farting continued in the background I mucked out the fish tank. Under-gravel filters are all very well, but even they need attention from time to time. After stirring the gunge, syphoning, leaving to settle and again syphoning gunge a dozen (or so) times I eventually got the tank a little cleaner that it was.

And then no day off work is complete without a spot of ironing. An hour's worth kept me out of mischief. The Rear Admiral visited, we had a cuppa, and as the Folkestonians disappeared into the sunset I dozed in front of the telly. In fact I kipped for over an hour until "er indoors TM" texted me to start boiling up some scran for tea. And then I wasted the evening watching rubbish in UK Gold. Talking of watching rubbish, yesterday I mentioned that we'd watched "Grimm". We made a point of watching it so's when everyone else was talking about what had happened we wouldn't have to stick our fingers in our ears. But for once no one else has watched it yet: everyone has it on the Sky box to watch later.
This really is a sign of our times: people rarely watch TV as it happens. Most people watch stuff from a Sky box so they don't get bothered by adverts. And so no one ever watches programs at the same time. Which means there's a whole etiquette about talking about what you saw on the telly last night. Or that is there should be. How long can you give someone to watch a TV show before it's acceptable to start talking about what you've watched without spoiling the plot for others?

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