15 February 2012 (Wednesday) - Making Money

In a novel break with tradition I slept right through to 5.30am this morning. That's to be encouraged(!) I got up and after watching Bob Ross and checking on-line scrabble, I set off to work. Once there I did my bit. I spent quite a bit of time today thinking about a business scheme my cousin suggested. She reckons... well it's not good business sense to tell the world about my next money-spinner. Suffice to say that when it's ready my loyal readers will be amongst the first to be tapped up for their hard earned dosh.
And all the job hunting I've been doing lately might be beginning to achieve something - an agency phoned today asking my availability for interviews over the next week or so. I know I mustn't get my hopes up, but if any of my loyal readers have any interview hints, tips or suggestions I'd be grateful to hear them.

I then did some on-line surveys for financial gain. It seemed a lot of survey for relatively little financial gain, but it was something to do whilst "er indoors TM" boiled up some tea. And if I can finance some new trousers by idling away a few minutes that would otherwise be wasted, then that's a more productive use of my precious time. At the moment I seem to be frittering a lot of time away on nonsense. Like on-line scrabble. I have nineteen games on the go at the moment....

And talking of financial gain, I sold a painting tonight. Since I launched Badger Original Landscapes back in November I've now sold a grand total of four paintings. That's only one a month. Or four times more than Van Gogh sold in his lifetime, depending on your perspective...

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  1. What a picture that is... and the painting too ;0)