20 February 2012 (Monday) A Day Off Work

I'm on a week's holiday starting today, so with no need to be up early I stayed in my pit till 9.30am. Which was nice. After a spot of brekkie I had a look at the pond. For once all seemed well. I thought about cleaning out the filter in readiness for the spring, but thought better of the idea. Instead I put the shovel and broom and my wellies away: I'd got them out for the snow a couple of weeks ago.

I spent a little while tidying up my back room; it had got somewhat out of hand over the winter. It's amazing how the rubbish accumulates; I found a dozen star atlases from last year's Stargazing Live. I'm loathe to throw them away, but what good are they now? I shall see if I can unload them onto the public at this week's astro club - if I can't, I wonder if we can use them for some of the club's outreach activities. And talking of the astro club I had another go at the club's accounts. Regular readers may recall that a few weeks ago I did the accounts and was three pence adrift. The trouble with the accounts as they were was that I had major equipment purchases down as "purchase of equipment". I wasn't happy with that, so I went through the accounts and re-wrote the lot to specifically itemise each purchase. Now the accounts are far more specific as to exactly what we've bought, but are now twenty six pence adrift. Oh well, such is life. I'll have another look at the accounts later this week.

Whilst I'd been busying, "My Boy TM" had been busy tattooing his mother. "er indoors TM" now sports a particularly fetching pocket dragon tattoo. Once we'd had a spot of dinner, "My Boy TM" went to work, and "er indoors TM" and I went for a walk. We drove down to Brockhill Park (which is somewhere I've not been for ten years) for a wander. It was cold, but quite pretty. We spent a pleasant five minutes admiring the river. And an annoying five minutes examining my shoe. I kept getting whiiffs of dog poo, but couldn't see any on my shoe. Eventually I realised that I was standing two feet from the dog poo bin. I won''t do that again.

Home again where I worried over my Powerpoint presentation some more, and after a spot of tea we popped round to see Steve and Sarah. Regular readers may recall hat their cat was run over a couple of weeks ago. Arnie was very lucky to have survived, and was in what I can only describe as "Cat Prison"; he needs to be in cat prison - if he jumps or puts any effort on his pinned broken leg he will do untold damage to it. So we spent a few minutes feeding him cat treats. And after a quick cuppa we said our goodbyes, and came away having borrowed a suit for tomorrow's interview. It's quite a novelty having trousers that aren't six inches too big round the waist.
Here's hoping the suit does the trick tomorrow.....

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