8 February 2012 (Wednesday) - Dull

I had an interesting conversation this morning. Apparently cavemen went from being sub-human animals to becoming intelligent by the simple action of adding fish to their diet. The theory runs along the lines that the trans-aminyl-keto-parsec-aconomides in fish speed up brain chemistry. I smiled sweetly, nodded sagely and said nothing. Perhaps had I eaten more fish recently I could have come up with a snappy reply?

And so home where we'd had a house guest today. One who had used four cereal bowls during the course of the day, emptied all the Walker's crisps from the cupboard, and had covered the entire downstairs floors with dog biscuits. Whilst the washing machine did it's thing with two weeks' worth of my shirts I cleared up the carnage strewn around the house, and then spent an hour ironing shirts. I have this theory that shirts iron easier if ironed wet. And shirts need to be ironed. They look dreadful if they aren't.
My phone beeped; "er indoors TM" was on her way back from swimming, and I was on cookhouse duty. I can cook: I like to think I'm not bad at it, but I don't really enjoy cooking. Some people love it: I don't.

I then spent a few minutes catching up with the games of on-line scrabble that I have on the go: currently I seem to have a dozen games that I am playing. Most people are playing fairly; others are clearly using cheat programs. Why would anyone want to cheat when playing me at scrabble?

Oh, today was so dull...

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