12 February 2012 (Sunday) - Bored

We got home last night shortly after midnight. It was cold, so we had a cuppa (decaffeinated) to warm ourselves up. By the time we'd watched a couple of episodes of "Haven" it was 2am. Still, a late night might make me sleep in the next morning. Some hope - “My Boy TMcame home “quietly”shortly after 8am, and spent about an hour clumping round the house before setting off again.
The Bat texted - was it too cold to swim across the duck pond to sort out the duck house? Bearing in mind that it had snowed a little overnight, we decided that it was too cold.

I wasn't impressed with the snow. there wasn't much - only a slight dusting. But I'd spent some time yesterday clearing the pavement only to have it covered over again. For all that the temperature was above freezing point today (for the first time all week), with melting snow everywhere, it was too muddy and too slippery to do anything or go anywhere today. I'm getting fed up with Sundays: just lately they are being wasted in front of the telly because it's generally too horrible to do anything else.

Over a spot of brekkie I called up some job-hunting web sites on my lap-top, and thought I'd spend a few minutes applying for jobs. Three hours later i decided that my head was spinning and so I gave up. I've applied for loads of jobs today: some I could do easily, some I could probably do, and some I haven't really got a hope. But applying through agencies puts my C.V. in front of the people who should be having my C.V.
And my point was proved: as I slept through episodes of "Only Fools and Horses" my mobile rang. A chap at one of the employment agencies had seen my C.V. come though an hour or so previously, and he wondered if he might put me forward for a position he had in mind.I didn't realise that the employment agencies worked on Sundays, but here's hoping...

We then went fo a bit of a drive - "er indoors TM" had seen a coat advertised on the local Facebook "Get It Here" list. Normally retailing at a squillion quid, this one was advertised at fifty pence, having only been worn once. The drive to Bethersden was rather dull, but it was something to do.
Having something to do on a Sunday is always good.

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