13 February 2012 (Monday) - Having a Whinge

Monday , Monday. And so to work. I really shouldn't complain. It's work I can do, paid at a better rate than anything else I can find at the moment. And I work with a group of really good people. But there's no denying that I feel I could do so much more with my time, and that I spend a large part of every day bored senseless. Let's hope that something comes from all the job hunting I'm doing. If any of my loyal readers know of any vacancies in absolutely any walk of life, do let me know.

Talking of work, I spent quite a bit of time today reflecting on something "er indoors TM" posted on Facebook yesterday. I've blogged in the past about the traffic wardens in our area. They don't work during the busy times of the day when there are cars and lorries parked so as to block the road. No traffic warden has ever done anything to improve the traffic flow in my road.
Instead they come round when everyone is asleep (after 11pm and before 7am) and put tickets on cars parked an inch or so over the yellow lines because that's easy to do, and (presumably) because the overtime rate is good. Yesterday we saw a car had been ticketed. You couldn't really see that the car was just over the yellow line because the yellow line was obscured by ice. And the ticket was timed at 5.39am. 5.39am on an icy Sunday morning (!) Am I really over-reacting in thinking that these people are lower than the lowest?
And having said that, at the moment I would go out and do exactly the same myself if the money was more than I'm getting at the moment.

I had a text from "My Boy TM". He'd found a spot of black ice on his way to work and had put his car into a ditch. All is now well, but at the time it was all something to worry about. as was the note I came home from work to find. The RSPCA had come to the house whilst I wasn't in and had left a note about a complaint which had been made about my dog (!).
I wonder what that was all about?

Meanwhile, apropos of nothing, I've been whistling the Gloria Gaynor classic "I Am What I Am" for the last day or so. I wonder what that's all about... I was never confused.....

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