3 February 2012 (Friday) - -Batteries

For want of anything better to do at 6am this morning I thought I'd do my weekly weigh-in a day early this week. But the scales weren't working. Perhaps the batteries were flat? I checked the batteries to find that one had actually been taken out of the thing. Oh I was cross. The scales take one of those round silvery batteries of the sort that you never have spares about the house.

Work was something of a disappointment today, and I got to come home a bit early for once. I spent an hour or so working on my C.V. and applying for more jobs. Just when i was getting completely disillusioned with applying for jobs that I had no hope of getting, the phone rang. It was Alice from one of the agencies; she'd thought my C.V. was interesting, and wanted to chat with me. She had the ideal job for me. Just what I want to do, with excellent wages. A shame it was based in Milton Keynes, because I really don't want to relocate. Alice said she had one or two more things coming up, and agreed to keep my details on her files.

And then I had a go at another nice little earner. Or, to be precise, what I once had high hopes of being a nice little earner. There's no denying that Badger Original Landscapes hasn't been the cash cow I was hoping for. But it's a nice little hobby. If nothing else, it's going some way to cover the costs of the canvases. I spent a little while adding one or two more piccies of paintings that I currently have available should anyone want to snap up a bargain.
Having said that, my cousin's told me off for selling the paintings too cheaply. Perhaps she's right. I'm not getting rich by selling them so cheaply. But would I sell more if I put the prices up?

Tea time. I was on cookhouse duty this evening; with "er indoors TM" off swimming, the plan was that she would send me a text when she got changed. I would then start tea, and I'd have it all ready when she came home. And so she sent the text as she got changed, got changed and came home.
She beat the text home. As she walked through the door I was watching telly, still waiting for that text. And so, seeing she was home I started cooking tea. Fish, waffles, peas. Very nice. It took half an hour to cook, and just as we sat down to eat so my phone beeped as the text arrived. My phone seems to do that an awful lot at the moment. Just recently I've had a glut of texts ten minutes after I go to sleep every night. Which is a pain...

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