6 February 2012 (Monday) - Anniversaries

Being on a late shift I had a bit of a lie in this morning. And something happened which hasn't happened for ages: my back started hurting because I'd been in bed for too long. I can't remember the last time that staying in my pit gave me backache. It used to all the time, but hasn't for quite some time. I suspect that the cause may have something to do with yesterday's sledging. After all, my old roller-blading injury was playing up today as well.

I'd been dreading today - driving to Canterbury in the snow was something I simply didn't want to do. I toyed with the idea of pulling a sickie, but I wasn't in that much pain, so I bit the bullet and went in. And the roads were quite passable really. I was even brave enough to brave Morrison's car park to get to their petrol station.

Work was work: I did as little as was humanly possible and came home again. And once home I read something interesting. As we are now celebrating the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Dickens, it would seem that the average child lacks the wherewithal to appreciate the literature of Dickens. I'm not surprised really. And that's no reflection on the youth of today, or on the education system.
Have you ever read anything by Dickens? I've been reading a lot of "old" literature on my Kindle lately; "Gulliver's Travels", "Moby Dick" and the like. Oh it was hard work. The trouble with *literature* is it's not something that you enjoy. It has sentences that are so long that when you reach the end of one, you've actually forgotten what the beginning was all about. I'm not surprised kids can't cope with Dickens. I can't either.

And another anniversary celebrated today is the sixtieth anniversary of Her Majesty's ascension to the throne. I for one think she's done a wonderful job. And anyone who says differently is talking out of their....

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