24 February 2012 (Friday) - Astro Club

This morning was much like yesterday morning - a lie-in followed by a late brekkie and some job applications. One of the agencies phoned back about one of the applications, so the morning wasn't entirely wasted. After a while "My Boy TM" came home. We bandied insults for a while; he's off to a dirty weekend in Eastbourne (which will be nice for him). Unfortunately two minutes on Late Rooms (dot com) came up with several hotels in the area at a cheaper price than he'd paid. Oh well, he'll know next time.

As "My Boy TM" set off to work, so my mobile rang. It was another of the agencies about one of the jobs I'd applied for. In fact three different agencies phoned me during the afternoon about jobs I'd applied for. Nothing seemed immediately promising, but I suppose that the fact that they phoned me shows there must be some hope.

The Rear Admiral arrived, and we turned on the telly: Challenge TV and an old episode of "The Crystal Maze". A quality show - at the end of the show they had five crystals, three of the team locked in, and one of the lowest scores I've ever seen. Oh, how we laughed. There is nothing like the thwarting of naked greed for cheering me up.

Being the last Friday of the month, we set off to astro club. We started off with an update on matters astronomical, and then moved on to the business of the evening. Tonight was billed as a telescope workshop; and we had a good talk on telescopes, and as I hawked the raffle so everyone had the chance to look at the telescopes on display, and to bring in their own scopes. We got word that there was a break in the clouds, so I quickly called the raffle, and people went outside to look at Mars and Jupiter. As they looked, so I tidied away the chairs. And as I put away the last chair, so the clouds rolled over, and everyone came in for a Stellarium show. A show they had to stand for, as I'd put the chairs away. Whoops!
But, all things considered, another excellent astro club meeting. It turns out I'm lecturing there in October on a subject which has yet to be decided. I wonder what I might talk about...?

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