10 February 2012 (Friday) - Scoffing Too Much

As I drove to work this morning I listened to radio two. Which is unlike me: having been a radio four fan for many years I find myself listening to radio two more and more these days. Radio four is very good, but the programs are somewhat hit and miss. They can be very interesting or very dull. Radio two is somewhat more bland, but I must admit I like the music. Radio four doesn't have music.
I did my bit at work. My bit, but no more than that. Whilst at work I let my dieting ways slip: one of the girls had brought in cakes. Just lately I've been good and not succumbed, but today I relented and had a doughnut. Just one. But that one had over two hundred calories in it. Two hundred!! in the past I would have thought nothing of scoffing two or three of the things.
And then home again. Once more listening to radio two.

Once home I set the washing machine loose on the laundry. "er indoors TM" taught me the difference between acrylics and non-fast coloured. The difference being that if she puts them all in the washing machine together then all is fine, but if I do so, it will turn her pants pink. As the washing machine did it's thing I sorted the undercrackers, and after a decent bit of fish and chips, "er indoors TM" set off to a girlie thing with her mates. I stayed home and did the ironing, and then did an on-line survey.
For each survey I do, I get a quid. It's not a lot, but it adds up. I used to have the money as Amazon vouchers, but now that my Kindle is full to overflowing, I'm going to have Tesco vouchers from now on.
Tonight's survey was about chocolate. And by the time I finished the survey I had quite a hankering for some choccy. There had been the remains of a bar of chocolate in the fridge for a month or so. Not any more - I scoffed it. By the time I'd had a bag of crisps and some biccies as well, a quarter of the calories I ate today were in "rubbish" food I would normally not eat (any more).

I can see how I put the weight on over the years....

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