16 February 2012 (Thursday) - A Visitor

There are many annual events in my life. Today was one of them - Alan's annual visit. I *really* wish I'd got my act together and taken the day off work so's we could have had more time. The three hours in the local Wetherspoons just flew by. It was so good to catch up - has it really been a year since we last met up?
Whilst others guzzled cheeky Vimtos and Woo-Woos and Skippy p*ss and Guinness, I had a couple of pints of ale. Tonight was the first time I've been to the pub for four months. And for all that I wouldn't have missed meeting my mates for the world, next time we'll have a get-together at home.
The trouble with a pub is that it is someone else's get-rich-quick scheme. The food was good, but we could have done better at home for cheaper. And I can certainly knock up beer far cheaper than what we paid at the bar.

But it was really good to meet up with Alan. A shame that his time is limited and he has so much to do in so little time. Next year we'll get ourselves organised in advance.
Or that's the plan....

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