13 October 2019 (Sunday) - Kimberley

What with "er indoors TM" making off with much of the duvet and Treacle spending the night stomping about, I didn’t sleep very well last night.
Over brekkie I did the geo-admin for yesterday’s Earthcache and meet-up as geocaching dot com’s website was broken yesterday. For a hobby with is based on incredibly hi-tech stuff, geocaching dot com is an *very* basic and clunky website. They could really benefit from employing some tech people who actually have got a clue.
I then had a look at Facebook as I scoffed my toast. One of the fishing-related Facebook groups I follow was singing the praise of the late Jack Hargreaves who was one of the first celebrity anglers. My grandfather once spent eight hours in a small boat off the coast of Hastings with him and was always very vocal about the chap. Apparently if you wanted to get every angling line in the boat into a knot, then my grandfather couldn’t recommend anyone better to do the job. I thought about sharing my grandfather’s memories with the Facebook group, but decided against it. These celebrities are always loved by people who don’t actually know anything about them.

With "er indoors TM" and the dogs all snoring I carried on with my latest Wherigo project. I wasn’t entirely sure if I would want to make another one just yet, but at yesterday’s geo-meet I got talking with several people who were full of praise for the three series I’ve done recently, so I found myself somewhat re-enthused.
I created spoiler pictures and sets of co-ordinates to put (as pictures) into the new Wherigo game. Those sixteen pictures took an hour to make.

"er indoors TM" eventually got up half an hour after she was supposed to go to Margate. She was whinging that although the dogs liked the dog biscuits that she’d made last night, she’d broken the soup-maker in the process. (Yes – I know… I didn’t like to ask).
As she got herself organized I walked the dogs round the park. As we walked toward the park we met several groups of rather tearful children walking away from the park. Sunday morning is the children’s fun run round the park. I say “fun run” but I don’t think it is much fun for the children. Have you ever seen the Sunday morning children’s fun run? Parents who love running bully their children to run round the park. Some of the children like it. Some don’t, and spend the entire time crying.
We missed the run itself today but saw quite a few kiddies sobbing about it on their way home.

We came home, and I sat down and carried on writing Wherigo. The time flies when I’m doing that. Seven hours passed in seemingly the blink of an eye.
As I programmed Wherigo I got a message on Facebook. I had a friend request from “Kimberly”. I don’t think I know any “Kimberly”s, but this one wanted to be *very* friendly. She asked if I want to be a member of her WhatsApp sex group. Apparently there are many beautiful women in this group who need sex. And (she claimed) I would not regret it. Her sex group was free …because (as she says) “everything is free without any money”.
I turned down her kind request as I’m not up to it (I’m still off work on sick leave). But if any of my loyal readers would like to “do the dirty deed” with Kimberly I’ll pass on your details… Or I would have done so if her Facebook account hadn’t been closed down within half an hour of her making her offer.

Pausing only briefly to get dog food all over my pyjamas I fed the hounds their tea. Treacle is being rather fussy these days, but Fudge scoffs up his special kidney-friendly food. And then they both got dog treats. Having spent years and small fortunes on dog treats that neither like, we discovered yesterday that both dogs enjoy nothing better than crunching on a raw carrot.

"er indoors TM" came home with fish and chips. We scoffed them whilst watching “An Idiot Abroad” which is rather entertaining. Have you seen it? If not, give it a go…

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