30 August 2019 (Friday) - A Birthday

I slept well; still worn out after a wonderful week away. Over brekkie I had a look at the Internet and rolled my eyes. A chap I used to know very well was banging on about his supposed Scottish heritage. He’s done this before. I don’t understand the Scots. If Scotland really is such a brilliant place (and it may well be) then why do those who tell me about it all live in Kent? You can’t get further away from Scotland and still live on the same island.
I also saw an album of photos of the cottage in which we’d stayed in the New Forest. Such a lovely place to have been in.

With nothing planned for today I took the dogs out. We went out to Boys Hall for a walk; again trying somewhere new. It wasn’t the best of places to walk. For all of the talk of the historic Boys Hall, realistically it is waste ground that will be turned into a housing estate some time in the next two years. As we walked I looked out for the geocaches that were over there. I found one; didn’t find two. Mind you I didn’t look *that* hard for the two I didn’t find; it is difficult to do so when supervising three dogs.

Having walked our walk we came home, and I cleaned out the fish pond’s filter. A smelly job, but one which needs doing from time to time. Best I do it at a time that suits me rather than waiting for it to bung up and find myself being forced to do it when I have better things to do.
As I cleaned and scrubbed, so Sadie yapped constantly and for no reason. She does that; it’s beginning to get on my nerves.

I then spent a little while working on my latest Wherigo project. About thirty seconds of game play took the best part of an hour to program in.
Feeling peckish I popped up the road to get a sandwich. As I was in the shop some “delightful lady” was demanding to know how she was expected to live on what the government gave her. Judging by what she was buying I would suppose that the government would expect her to spend less dole money on tins of lager, but that would only be a guess.
As I scoffed my sandwich I watched an episode of “Black Mirror”, then cracked on with an hour’s worth or ironing before doing a little more work on the Wheri-project. I actually did loads of work but actually achieved very little. That’s how these Wherigos work.

"er indoors TM" came home and boiled up an incredibly good bit of dinner which we scoffed whilst watching “Timeless”. I played a little Mah-jongg whilst "er indoors TM" had a look-see at what Netflix has to offer. There’s a *lot* of stuff on there.

Oh – and it’s my dog’s ninth birthday today. Did I ever mention that I never wanted a dog?

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