31 May 2019 (Friday) - Another Late Shift

Over brekkie "er indoors TM" weighed the dogs. Two of them are little lumps. But Fudge came in at under ten kilograms. This is the lightest he’s ever been. He seems to be his usual wilful grumpy independent self, but I’m a tad worried about this weight loss. Trouble is, taking him to the vet’s will just stress him out. I shall keep an eye on him…

I then had my usual look at the internet to see what had changed overnight. Very little had. As I tried to see what was going on. Treacle came and chewed me. She does that from time to time.
I wondered about driving somewhere for the morning walk, but we ended up doing our usual circuit of the park. The walk was (relatively) uneventful. There was one minor incident when some old woman started hysterically screaming at Pogo. But he’d done nothing wrong; he was just bumbling down the footpath, and this old bat had reacted in much the same way that anyone else would when confronted by a tiger.
As we walked we saw the fun-fair was in the park. There had been talk of the fun-fair on the local Facebook groups this morning. Some people had claimed to have been short-changed by the fair’s staff. Had they been? Possibly. Was it deliberate? Who knows? All I can think is that whoever takes their lives in their hands on those death traps gets all they deserve.

We walked on into the co-op field where we exchanged pleasantries with OrangeHead (who is now completely grey). It was here that the dogs had a really good run about. Fudge looks really awkward when he runs; his joints don’t seem to flex anything like they used to. And Treacle has the perennial Pug issue that her back legs go faster than her front legs, and consequently her rear end starts to overtake her front end.

We came home, and I had a look at my credit card bill. It would seem I’ve not been billed for the McDonalds that we had in Whitfield in January, or the cable I bought for my sat-nav in February. Oh well… I can remember that McDonalds as being somewhat akin to feeding time at the zoo, and that cable has never worked properly anyway. So that’s fifteen quid in my back bin.
I spent a little while struggling and failing to solve geo-puzzles, then got myself organised and set off to work.
Last night I'd had to park with my car facing up the road. Rather than going round the block this morning I thought I might do a three-point turn to save two minutes. After all, there was no traffic about... By the time I'd got to the point of blocking the road (it took about five seconds for me to do that) there were half a dozen cars queuing impatiently in all directions.

Before I'd left home I'd been looking at the geo-map. I'd found a little puzzle cache I might do in Cranbrook on my way to work. I followed my sat-nav to a phone box in Cranbrook, found the numbers I needed, did some sums, found the latitude and longitude of the film pot I sought... and then spent ten minutes searching the phone box because I'd not actually put the GPS co-ordinates into my phone. Dur!
Once I'd realised my error I walked a hundred yards and soon had the cache in hand.

I drove in to work and was soon in the hospital's canteen. Fish and chips was on the menu. I had fish and chips and a yogurt. For some odd reason it cost a pound less than yesterday's sandwich and bag of crisps had done. However (much as I enjoyed it) it also gave me a guts ache which lasted for the duration of the late shift. But it was a better late shift than some I’ve had recently.

I came home to find Fudge was sulking at me. I wonder what’s up with him?

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