16 October 2015 (Friday) - mankybadger dot co dot uk

My dog looked absolutely knackered as I scoffed my toast this morning. Perhaps he's getting old, but I don't think he's a "morning" dog.
As I scoffed toast I watched "Toddlers and Tiaras"; I *lve* that show. Today's installment was focussing on a family who run a turtle farm in the back of beyond in deepest Oklahoma. The mother seemed to have a nervous twitch and a very loose head. She was ranting that every small girl should have beauty pageant experience in her portfolio (whatever that is supposed to mean). She also was very keen that her child should become Miss America, and (for some reason) the show's producers introduced mother to Mrs Oklahoma who said that she'd never dream of entering her own children into a beauty pageant. That went down like a lead balloon.
I'd never heard of "Mrs Oklahoma" before; apparently she is the MILF version of Miss Oklahoma. One learns something new every day.

It was rather dark and dismal as I left home this morninig. I drove to work through torrential rain whilst the radio's weather forecasters were raving about what a beautiful morning and day we were going to have today. The radio (as usual) spouted the standard stream of news and opinion. Israelis and Palestinians continue to kill each other. They have been doing that for as long as I can remember and show no signs of stopping. The Turkish are being made all sorts of promises about EU membership provided they keep all the Syrian refugees to themselves.

I went via the petrol station where I got petrol (obviously). Usually petrol prices are very competitive. Today Morrisons were knocking the stuff out three pence cheaper per litre than the Esso station not half a mile up the road. It pays to shop around.

Work was busy; I spent much of the day looking out of the window at the rain. Usually the BBC's weather forecasts aren't too bad. Today they were just a little off the mark. The rain didn't let up all day, and was still pouring hard when I came home.

I popped the leaed onto "Furry Face TM" and walked him round the block. We both came home soaking wet. Once home and dried I had a look on-line. During the day the nice people at 123-reg had worked their wonders and www.mankybadger.co.uk is now all circuits go. There's not actually very much there yet; at the moment it is little more than an archive for nine years of blog rantings. But I expect I shall do something with it eventually; if only put up photos of my dog...

I'm off to bed in a minute. I've nearly finished the e-book I bought the other day. I had a little trouble keeping track of who was what in the plot, and it is obviously building up to a climax.
I wonder when the second book will be released.

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