27 July 2013 (Saturday) - Rain

I slept very well last night; not waking till nearly 8pm. Mind you I've had a couple of very busy days and i wasn't feeling especially well towards the last part of yesterday. As I listened to the talk at astro club last night I wondered if I was sickening for something. Let's hope that whatever it was, a good night's sleep has fixed the problem.

Brekkie, then I had a look at the astro club's accounts. Not too shabby, really. With really dreadful weather forecast we hadn't planned anything for the day. So we went up the road to a new white goods shop which had recently opened and had been advertising locally. We've been thinking about a dishwasher, so we thought we'd have a look. We got there - the place was closed. So we went home with a French stick for lunch.

Mt piss wasn't boiling, but was certainly simmering. The weather forecast was for torrential rain all day. We had glorious sunshine. So we put "Furry Face TM"'s lead on him and drove up to Badlesmere for a little walk. A round trip of a few miles; about two hour's walk. It was somewhere we've driven past many times; in future we shall stop off now we know there's a walk. We had a very good walk; and just as we were a couple of hundred yards from the car so the heavens opened. We had torrential rain for ten minutes, then it was back to full-on sunshine. So much for that weather forecast.

We came home via a McFlurry. There was talk of going to the beach for an evening stroll, but a thunderstorm put paid to that idea. So we stayed in and caught up with watching some of the stuff we'd recorded onto the SkyPlus box. We watched the most recent remake of "Gulliver's Travels" with Jack Black. It was actually a really good film. Might have to get it on DVD at some point. Then Little Britain, Big Bang Theory, Come Dine With Me. We've recorded so much stuff. It took ages to get through. Watching it all made for a change. Mind you I couldn't watch so much telly all the time.
A lot of people do though...

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