20 July 2013 (Saturday) - Dull

Working today, so predictably a bad night's sleep. I was wide awake by 3.30am, and lay tossing fitfully until finally getting up just before 5.30am. "Furry Face TM" watched me sleepily as I pootled about the kitchen doing the washing up, and he joined me as I watched BattleStar Galactica over a spot of brekkie. WIth brekkie scoffed I watched two episodes of Bat Glack whist combing Fudge. People have commented recently on how glossy his coat is. I've noticed it myself - it's down to one of three things; his new dog food, regular combing, or a surfeit of fox poo.
And following on from that, this morning's news had a story which struck a chord, Someone was fined for grooming her dog in public. Excess dog fur is litter apparently. I shall make a point of only grooming Furry Face at home.

And so to work, which was much the same as ever. I was missing the monthly geocacher's meeting today, but from what I could work out today's meeting was a P.R. exercise telling the denizens of Swale about the wonders of looking for sandwich boxes in the woods. Probably one of the meetings to miss (if given the choice), even if I did miss the chance to meet up with friends.
So I suppose I didn't really mind working. I've had a lot of time off recently which has had some glorious weather; today I looked out of the window several times to see a very grey and overcast day.

I did my bit at work, and then came home. er indoors TM" was out for the evening, so I settled down for more BattleStar Galactica and dog combing.
I'm getting through these DVDs at quite a rate. "Furry Face TM" doesn't seem to be complaining. Mind you there was a dodgy five minutes when he ate a spider...

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