9 September 2010 (Thursday) - Stuff

A rather restless night. Last night as I got out of my car I nearly fell over – my leg had gone to sleep. And it remained snoozing all night. This morning it was functioning as a leg, but still not feeling right. And I’ve been hobbling about on it all day. I wonder what’s up with it? If there’s no improvement by the morning I might just go visit the doctor.

This evening we drove down to Hastings – today was a day of birthdays and seeing how we are double booked for the birthday party in a few days time we thought we’d go down for the actual birthday (today). The plan was to make a flying visit: in the event we stayed for nearly three hours…. (hic!)

And meanwhile in America I see a bunch of crackpots are going out of their way to offend and upset a minority. Whilst it’s no secret that the vast majority of Muslims the world over are peace loving people, it’s also no secret that some of the world’s most wanted terrorists subscribe to that religion as well. All that burning sacred texts will do is to upset the innocent and give the crackpots more ammunition for their war of hate.

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  1. I have always been happy to accept anyone's faith & beliefs. It is not the faith or belief that is the problem. It is when those believers turn into fanatics. Be they Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, etc......it is only when fanaticism sets in, in any religion, that problems arise. I really don't understand why people cannot believe what they choose to believe and respect the fact that other people may have different beliefs. Amen to that.