10 September 2010 (Friday) - Stuff

I had an idea that I would be going to see the doctor this morning as my leg wasn’t getting any better yesterday. But when I got up this morning it was better. Not perfect; I still have all my aches and pains, but the sensation of pins and needles certainly seems to have gone. Which is probably the best I can hope for.

Being on a late start gave me some time to muck about. So instead of mucking about I did some work. Dull, I know. The trouble is that in order for me to carry on in my job I have to stay on the State Register. In order for me to stay on the State Register I have to keep up to date with scientific and technical and educational developments, with a view to improving both myself and the service I offer my “service users” (for want of a better term). And document that I have done so. This is a legal requirement. Unfortunately there is no legal requirement for my employer to support me in this, so I just have to suck it up and do it myself.

Yesterday one of the girls at work was trying to sell software to help with that documentation. She wanted twenty quid (from each person at work) for some corporate-produced rubbish that was no better than Microsoft Word. In half an hour with the use of the free blogger software and Google calendar I came up with something I feel is much better. Regular readers are welcome to peruse my ramblings on that site, but I feel it only fair to give the warning that seeing how it’s (probably) going to be formally inspected at some point, knob jokes will be few and far between.

And so to work via Tescos for celebratory doughnuts. Today marks the twenty sixth anniversary of my starting at the place. Twenty six years, eh? That’s a lifetime. Whilst at work I overheard an interesting conversation. Two ladies with rather exaggerated ideas of their own social standing were discussing a chap of their acquaintance. The chap was obviously of the lower orders, as they described him as being “the sort of man who drinks beer in a pub”. Obviously a kindred spirit…

Meanwhile the bill for my new boiler has arrived. A few days ago I speculated on the economies I might have to make to pay for it. I wonder how much I might get for one of my kidneys on eBay? It’s a shame that I only have one child currently at home that I could sell….

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  1. I thought about selling Glenn when he was a baby but my mum said it was no good as "They would only bring him back".