8 September 2009 (Tuesday) - Old Friends

To B&Q to get a battery for the squeaking smoke detector. In the past I’ve mentioned about the retards who cannot cope with the self-service tills in Tescos. Whereas the self service tills in Tescos are entertaining, the ones now installed in B&Q are infuriating. In Tesco, the retard element has the option to go to a till operated by someone else. B&Q have done away with all their cashiers, and now only have self service tills. Which is fine if you aren’t in a hurry. No – that last sentence doesn’t actually convey the truth of the matter. What I should say is “which is fine, if you have at least an hour to spare”. You can see B&Q from my house, and Homebase is three miles away. But with the new tills, it’s quicker to drive across town and buy stuff in Homebase than walk the few hundred yards to B&Q and queue up for half a day.

Meanwhile on Facebook, Barry Deacon has added me as a friend. That’s nice. If any of my loyal readers know who Barry Deacon is, please let me know. I’ve never heard of the bloke. From the mutual friends option, I would guess the bloke is something to do with kite flying, but I could well be wrong.

And this evening Sue came to visit. I’ve not seen her for ages. We had a good old gossip about the good old days, and even a text from the USA whilst she was with us. Can’t wait till next time….

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  1. I had an absolutely brill evening. I am looking forward to next time and also to the other dates I put in my diary. What a fab bunch of mates.