15 September 2009 (Tuesday) - Salad (!)

The morning’s haul of emails brought one from Marilyn Anderson who wrote: “I am Hanna, I am 23 yo, pretty n sweet, hot body! I am cute, I am beauty! heheh My smile shall make you happy, n my soul shall make you believe”. The “believe” bit made me wonder if the righteous had finally cottoned on to using spam emails as a way of “spreading the light”, but it didn’t take many clicks to find it was only pornmongers hawking their filth. A shame – pornmongers are ten a penny on the Internet. I could do with the Holy Joe Brigade having a go.

I decided against cycling to work today. Being on late shift, I’d have to cycle home in the dark, and it was raining. Since I had a bit of time I thought I’d complete the household’s electoral register return. One year I’m not going to wait until the red reminder letter comes. Now you can do it on line. That saved a trip to the post office.

To Tesco to buy my "lunch". The retard on the till was struggling. He picked up the apple I was trying to buy and spent a good minute looking for the bar code before asking me if I remembered what it had said on the label on the shelf. I resisted the temptation of sarcasm, and said it was a Golden Delicious. But when he picked up the next item, evil got the better of me. "That f...ellow's a banana, mate!".

Being on a late start, I didn’t get to eat my lunch" until 2pm. It wasn’t worth the wait….

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  1. Lunch!! Lunch!! you keep telling me that only poofs and ploughmen have lunches.