31 August 2019 (Saturday) - To Hastings (and back)

Yesterday evening I posted a picture of Fudge to Facebook seeing how it was his birthday (or so we think; we’ve always been a tad vague about his birthday). This morning as I scoffed my toast I saw that over seventy people had clicked the “like” button. I was rather impressed with that.
I also saw that the husband of someone with whom I used to work had received a speeding ticket. This was issued by the French authorities during their recent holiday in Epervans in France. I was somewhat amazed to see this; for at least twenty years the French lorries on the M20 have been speeding and driving *incredibly* dangerously because it is common knowledge that it is not possible to issue a speeding ticket to a vehicle not registered in the UK (!) Clearly the French can issue tickets to those in Glasgow; perhaps the government’s Department of Transport might with to learn from the French government. Or is it that the UK Department of Transport issues speeding tickets which the French drivers just ignore?

I played a little Mah-jongg then (pausing only briefly to shout at the dogs to stop them barking) I took the ultra-violet lamp out of the pond filter. The pond is rather murky; I had a theory that a new lamp might sort it out. I also like taking the old lamp to the man in the shop to be sure we get the correct replacement.

We got the leads on to the dogs and went on a little mission. First of all to Wittersham for a dog walk. Narrowly avoiding being run off the road (I squealed the driver up to rate-driver dot com) we got to Wittersham where I found a geocache which boiled my piss somewhat. I’ve tried to hide caches myself only to have them turned down because they are within a hundred yards of a playpark. I’ve now found twenty-six of the things within a few yards of playparks. This one was best described as “right in the playpark”.
From the playpark we relocated to Wittersham church where (having narrowly avoided being run off the road again) we took the dogs for a little walk across the nearby fields and paths. We had a good little stroll; the dogs got to run about. They seemed to like it.

From Wittersham we took a rather circuitous route to Hastings (stopping off for five more geocaches on the way) where we called in to see my mum and dad. They seemed well; I would have liked to have stayed a tad longer, but the dogs were getting fractious, so we set off to visit mother-in-law who wasn’t home.
We came home via one more geocache and the pond shop. The nice man in the pond shop said that the ultra-violet tube needed to be changed last March. I told him it was (on the fourteenth – I keep a diary!). The nice man was rather taken aback by that. Bearing in mind that a couple of months ago the pond was crystal clear we both thought that changing the ultra-violet bulb couldn’t hurt.
I slept all the way home.

Once home I put the new bulb in place and played some more Mah-jongg. "er indoors TM" boiled up some rather good dinner (followed by Christmas pudding). As we scoffed we watched a film. “Dumplin was the tale of two “more rotund” girls and a misfit making good at an all-American beauty pageant.
It was a rather good film… being a fat lad I felt I could relate to it. No one ever intends to be a fat lad…

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