8 August 2019 (Thursday) - A Day's Fishing

With the alarm set for five o’clock I woke every twenty minutes until four o’clock and then was out like a light when the alarm went off.
I loaded up the dishwasher and had a look at the Internet. There wasn’t a lot to see so early in the morning so I got dressed, got the last of the fishing gear into the car, and drove round for "My Boy TM".

We had a quick McBreakfast, then set off to Bethersden. I knew a shortcut along Magpie Hall Road. However I didn’t know that Magpie Hall Road was closed. But despite a little diversion we were still at the gate to the lake ten minutes before it opened. We exchanged pleasantries with the bailiff, and made our way to the lake.

Lovelace fishery is somewhere I’d not fished before. I’ve driven past it several times but I’ve been put off by what I’d heard (I follow the lake’s Facebook page). I’d read that the lake was incredibly narrow. (It wasn’t). I’d heard it was difficult to fish. (It wasn’t… really).
"My Boy TM" had warned me that the place wasn’t a runs water... You’d think that runs water is a bad thing, wouldn’t you? I’m sure that many of my loyal readers are having quite unmentionable visions… In piscatorial terms a “runs water” is a lake, canal, pond, river or any other watercourse from which it is very easy to catch loads of fish.
"My Boy TM" had given me the choice of where we would fish today Did we want to try Lovelace fishery? On the one hand we had a chance of catching some very big fish there. And on the other hand we had a far better chance of catching nothing all day long. I gave the matter some thought. Common sense told me that there were no end of other lakes where we had a far better chance of catching stuff (albeit not as big). But in my world common sense is no match for idiot enthusiasm so Lovelace fishery it was.

We set up our rods and (despite a minor hiccup when my reel broke) we were soon fishing. The first fruit of my loin set up three rods; each with a huge bait. He was loaded for shark(!) I set up one rod with a huge bait, and one rod with a very light float which I baited with maggots. I had one rod the bait of which could only be taken by a big fish. And I had another rod with which I was targeting tiddlers because when you are targeting tiddlers, anything might happen. I’ve had carp over ten pounds in weight when tiddler-bashing before.

The tiddler rod was a success. It really was fish after fish. I lost count of how many I had on that rod but it was well over a hundred. Admittedly none were over six inches in length, but tiddler bashing is a dying art. If I don’t keep the old traditions alive, who will?  And it kept me occupied whilst I waited for the bite on my other rod.
That bite came at mid day. "My Boy TM" had caught a carp of over twenty pounds within minutes of our arrival, but after that things went very quiet on the big fish front. It was over five hours before I had the second carp of the day. Not quite as big; it was a shade under twenty pounds. But it beat what had been my previously heaviest fish by six pounds. I was rather chuffed.
"My Boy TM" caught two more carp during the afternoon; both about sixteen pounds in weight. We came home having caught four fish between us (I’m told the hundred-plus tiddlers don’t count!), and we were rather pleased with ourselves. "My Boy TM" didn’t catch anything on his first three visits to that lake.
Would I go back there again? Yes. Admittedly we didn’t catch as many big carp as I would have done at other lakes, but the fish we caught were far bigger than those where we usually go, and I can amuse myself by tiddler-bashing.

I took quite a few photos whilst we were at the lake. I would have stayed longer, but "My Boy TM" was getting hungry. I had offered him one or more of my six-pack of crisps but Cheryl has said that he is on a diet, and (apparently) if he’d had any crisps, I can’t be trusted not to tell tales and squeal him up. So we came home so he could have his permitted dinner.
I’d struggled to get my gear to the lakeside, and I struggled getting it back to the car. Regular readers of this drivel may recall my spending quite a bit of time last year finding a trolley big enough for all my fishing gear. The trolley I got worked for a while, but it isn’t big enough to accommodate the fishing seat I got for Christmas. I need another new fishing trolley

Once home I hung out my wet tackle (ooo-eer!) and took the dogs for a walk round the co-op field. We had a rather good walk; we didn’t shout ant anyone, or try to hump anyone. A passing normal person did give me a pointed glare when Treacle and Pogo were play-fighting; I suppose that (to the uninitiated) their play-fighting does look rather nasty

"er indoors TM" boiled up a rather good bit of dinner. We had a bottle of fizzy plonk with it as a celebration for my big fish.
A spinning head, too much sun earlier… I think I should have an early night…

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