7 August 2019 (Wednesday) - A Walk in the Woods

Amongst my morning’s haul of emails was one from someone who couldn’t find one of the geocaches I’d hidden some time ago. Having failed to find it, she wrote a rather petty little tirade about what a crappy area I’d chosen to put the thing in. I did chuckle when I realised that someone else had found it the same day, and it wasn’t supposed to be an easy find anyway.
This woman has found over twenty thousand caches but hasn’t really hidden that many (relatively speaking). You would think that someone who clearly gets so much out of the hobby would be a tad less discouraging.

I got the dogs onto their leads, and we made our way to the car. We did “boot dogs”; but once in the boot, Treacle has taken to jumping out of the boot onto the car’s back seat. When we are on the way to a walk that’s not a problem. On the way home when she is filthy is a different matter. I need to get some sort of a dog barrier thingy to put up in the back of the car.
As I drove, the pundits on the radio were talking about Brexit. Since Mr Johnson became Prime Minister there seems to have been something of a change in the nation’s attitude to Brexit. Under Mrs May there was a “yeah, whatever” frame of mind. But now it seems that people are taking it seriously. As well they should. This morning there was talk on the radio about possible shortages following Brexit. No one knew what we would be having shortages of, but everyone was convinced that some things will be in short supply.

We got out to Hemsted Woods and had a little walk. Last month I started making plans for a series of geocaches round these woods; today I put the pots out. We had a good walk; it would have been better had the normal people left us alone.
As we walked some fat little woman came jogging past with an odd-looking Spaniel. Pogo totally ignored the dog, but Fudge tried to hump it, to which the fat little woman told him to f… off. She then looked at me and sprinted off as fast as she could (leaving her dog behind). Silly cow.
We had another dog-related episode a little later on when some scrawny looking woman was walking about seven or eight assorted dogs. I say “walking” – the dogs were all mostly going in the same direction as she was, but purely by chance. Some were fighting, some were humping, some were bumbling. It was plain that this woman had no control over any of her dogs. She gave me the most evil glare for no reason that I could fathom.

After a couple of hours we were back at the car. We came home, and once the dogs were settled I reorganised the shed, put the garden furniture away, popped to the fishing tackle shop, did a tip run, and got a bit of lunch for today and for tomorrow as well.
I then did all the geo-admin for the new geocaches I’d hidden earlier. So far the geo-feds haven’t given the series the thumbs-down.

I scoffed today’s lunch whilst watching the telly. Having had torrential rain whilst I was at the fishing tackle shop, the afternoon was really hot, so I hid from the heat in front of the telly. I watched the last two episodes of “Orange is the New Black” which were both rather good. It’s a shame that I’ve seen all of that show now. I wonder what I can watch next?

I’ve loaded the fishing gear into the car for tomorrow. I really should have an early night. "My Boy TM" wants me to pick him up at six o’clock tomorrow morning…

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