28 August 2019 (Wednesday) - New Forest Day Six

I had a relatively early night last night. I didn’t like going to bed before everyone else, but I was falling asleep. It was rather annoying that I was wide awake and up and about an hour before anyone else this morning. Oh well… if nothing else it gave me chance to post up the photos I took yesterday.
I then had a little look at the Internet. Quite a few people seemed to have liked the photos I’ve been posting up recently.

With a heavy heart I did my packing, then with everyone up and about we had the last brekkie of our holiday. There was a minor episode when the toaster tried to take Jessica’s head off with a slice of Hovis; I didn’t laugh much. Mainly because she would have bashed me up if I had.
As we scoffed we heard a noise outside. It was the dustmen. I grabbed the bin bag, and as I walked out with it so the bin men looked at me and drove away down the road a little way. I walked down after them; as I got close so they again looked at me and drove further away.
I would *really* like to be able to be equally helpful to them some day.

We drove up to Barford Down. For our last day in the area we thought we’d so a relatively short-ish walk. We had a rather mixed walk. There were some really good views and we saw some deer but there were some very poorly marked paths which didn’t help us.
Geocache-wise I’ve never found so many large ammo can caches ion a single series. But by the same token I’ve never found so few caches over such a great distance. With caches being about half a mile apart (on average) there could have been at least twenty-five more caches along the route. And (in some places) more caches would have been useful if only to guide our way.
I took a few photos whilst we walked.

With walk walked we went back to base. We had a light lunch, loaded up the car, said our goodbyes and drove home. Despite rather heavy traffic in places we made good time home.
Just as we pulled up we had a message. When would we be collecting Sadie? We unloaded the car, "er indoors TM" collected Sadie; I got KFC for dinner. We both came home, and once Treacle and Sadie had had a fight we had dinner whilst watching the first episode of the new season of “Bake Off”.

I’d like to go back to the New Forest…

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