3 August 2019 (Saturday) - Garden Party

I think I ate too much yesterday – I had a very restless night. Mind you having to be up at six o’clock probably didn’t help. I made some toast and coffee, and had a look at the Internet. I had emails about a load of “Found It” logs on the geocaches I’d hidden. I was pleased to see that people were hunting the things out. I was very pleased to see that two which I thought might have been missing weren’t missing at all; I haven’t got to go replace them now.

I got dressed, and set off (via one or two geocaches) to Margate where I found "Daddy’s Little Angel TM". After we’d squabbled a bit we went to the cash and carry for supplies. The cash and carry at Broadstairs is an odd place; I think that a prerequisite to being taken on there is that you must have less than fifty per cent of your full quota of teeth.
We bought loads, and after a little effort we got it all into the car. Loading the car wasn’t unlike playing Tetris. And with the car unloaded at the other end I said goodbye and came home. It’s a shame that she can’t get more staff in the shop; I rarely see the most recent fruit of my loin these days.

Once home I spent a frustrating twenty minutes trying to find what I’d done with the event shelter. Once I’d found it, I set it up, and we prepared the garden for the afternoon. "My Boy TM" arrived, and started cooking, and it wasn’t long before family and friends arrived for our annual garden party. This year we seemed to have clashed with all sorts of other events; so many people weren’t able to get along. But we still had over thirty people in the garden. Scoffing food, drinking all sorts of stuff… Treacle and Pogo found the fat tray on the barbecue and got filthy. My mummy hammered the Pimms, mother-in-law went base over apex, we scoffed pork lions (!), and I even got to have the cigar I brought back from Turkey.
And (in a novel break with long-established tradition) I stayed awake for the entire time.

I’ve programmed “Hannah” for tomorrow’s walk. I could do with a good night’s sleep. I hope next door’s dogs settle soon…

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