13 August 2019 (Tuesday) - Before the Night Shift

I slept like a log last night. It was rather cold (for August) but I had two dogs snuggled up to me radiating quite a bit of heat to keep me warm.
As I scoffed my toast I had a little look at the geo-map. I’ve got a little plan for a small series of Wherigoes but finding somewhere to put the things was something of an issue. There’s not many places left locally that don’t already have caches on them. I *really*don’t want to use an area that has an odd cache already there; most of these caches have been put out by people who got overly excited at the prospect of putting a film pot under a rock, and then lost interest. I tend to avoid those areas when hiding my own film pots under rocks. You end up putting in loads of effort only to have your location remembered most because of that cache that the local scouts don’t maintain any more.
But I eventually found somewhere that looked promising

I got the dogs into the car and after a ten-minute drive we were walking along the new little route I had in mind for my Wherigoes. As we walked I was rather amazed to see a sign from a local farmer asking dog walkers to clear up the dog poo. Bearing in mind the field was awash with sheep dung, what difference does one dog turd make? Especially a turd from my dogs who are regularly wormed.
We had a good little walk. Across fields, through woods… there was a little episode when we lost Fudge. I finally spotted him in the next field about fifty yards away going at right angles to the way the rest of us were walking. But he came back when called… I say “called”; “bellowed at” might be a better description.
This is a little walk we’ve done before. It’s a good one; it was especially good to walk with the dogs and not meet up with any of the normal people.

I got home, and spent an hour and a half doing the bare minimum geo-admin so that the geo-feds can let me know whether or nor the Wherigo series is possible or not. If they give it the thumbs down, then we had a good walk anyway. If the locations are acceptable, the next stage is for me to create a Wherigo cartridge. That will probably take about thirty to forty hours work over a month or so.

I spent the afternoon in bed; I got a couple of hours’ sleep, then watched a couple of episodes of “Black Mirror” on Netflix. Netflix has been playing up recently in that it doesn’t seem to remember what I’ve been watching, and where I’ve got with it. I blame the constant upgrading of the app; if those who made the thing would just leave it alone

Once "er indoors TM" boils up some dinner I’m off to the night shift. On the one hand I don’t want to do the night shift. On the other hand I like the time off work either side of the night shift and I’m not scheduled to do another for over six weeks.
I should really stop whinging…

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