15 August 2019 (Thursday) - At The Circus

I slept like a log last night; probably something to do with having done a night shift, half a bottle of red wine and the last of the amaretto.
Over brekkie I peered into the Internet. I sent out a couple of birthday messages via Facebook, then checked my emails. There wasn’t much of note apart from connection requests via LinkedIn. Does anyone other than people working for recruitment agencies actually use LinkedIn?

Seeing that it was rather bright outside I got the dogs on to their leads and we drove down to Orlestone woods where we had a little walk. We met a little old lady with her dogs; we explored the new shortcut we found yesterday. We also saw that the hippie encampment was still in place. Their tent didn’t look cheap. Neither did the camping gear that I could see.
It was as we were walking past the hippies that I realised Fudge had disappeared again. I called him; I immediately heard a dog yelping in pain. Now it might not have been Fudge, but the yelps did sound like him. I sprinted back down the path toward the hippies (but nowhere near as fast as Pogo or Treacle were running). I couldn’t see Fudge anywhere. I called him a few times, then suddenly realised he was standing at my ankles looking at me (as though wondering what all the fuss was about). He seemed fine. Had that been him yelping?
From Orlestone we drove up to Kennington where a new geocache had gone live. It was on a rather busy footpath, marked as incredibly difficult and with no clues whatsoever. I gave it five minutes before putting it on my “ignore” list. Some people want their caches found; some don’t.

We came home, and I squealed the hippie encampment up to the forestry commission’s head office. Having a little camp in the woods is one thing; this morning they were cutting down whole trees and having a bonfire. That’s just taking the piss.
I then spent a little more time working on my Wherigo project. The plan is that people will start off at a car park, chat with a cyber-narrator character and then go to six locations in turn where they will interact with various fictional characters. Just getting the pictures for those fictional characters took nearly two hours.

I had a sandwich, and watched two more episodes of “Black Mirror”; both were exploring ideas in sci-fi that were already old before I was born, but both were very well done.
I then turned my attention back to my wheri-project. Having spent ages this morning creating pictures I then fiddled about so the Wherigo creator could use those pictures. That took half an hour. I then programmed in about thirty seconds of dialogue… another half an hour. After an hour’s attempting to create the player’s name as an input variable (!) I gave up. I had other things to do.

Having loaded up my car with family I drove down to Folkestone where we had a little birthday meal (today was Cheryl’s birthday).
Have you ever been to the Brickfields? I have before, and I had high hopes. I was disappointed. "My Boy TM"’s pie looked as though it had been sat on by the chef, and my chicken had probably already been cooked three or four times too many.

From dinner we went on to Radnor Park where the circus was in town. I’d not been to the circus for years. The last time I went, the girl on the flying trapeze’s tit popped out, and one of the llamas humped another. I wasn’t sure what to expect today.
We arrived to find the place was crowded. Pretty much every seat in the house had been taken. And even with the Groupon deal it wasn’t cheap. But it was rather good… *if* you like acrobats. Back in the day the circus was something of a variety act. Today’s show was ninety per cent acrobats, with a single clown filling in the remaining ten per cent. But it was still rather good. I particularly liked the bum of the girl who was assisting the chap balancing on a beach ball on a see-saw on a skateboard. Mind you, seeing how I don’t like heights I couldn’t watch the girl who was doing the trapeze thingy, and had to turn away from the grand finale. I video-ed some of it; after I finished videoing they climbed out of the wheel bits and ran round the outside. I felt ill just watching.
But I’d certainly go again…

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