17 August 2019 (Saturday) - Early Shift

I had an early night last night; I wasn't feeling on top form. Despite some vivid nightmares about somewhere that I used to work (that happens rather a lot) I slept well.
When I got up, three of our four resident dogs got up with me and asked to go outside into the back garden. I thought they all wanted a tiddle. They didn't. They all wanted to play silly beggars in the rain. I gave then five minutes then rounded them all up.
Over brekkie I watched more "Black Mirror". Imagine if you could make a copy of yourself to use as your personal assistant/slave.  Someone who already knows all your personal preferences. Who better to know what you want, what you like? Wonderful for you... not so good for the copy.

I then set off for work. Being International Geocaching Day there was an e-souvenir to be had if you logged a find today. I thought I might get a quick one on the way to work. After a detour of about five miles I found one.  It speaks volumes about the state of Kent's road that I can travel up the A20 far quicker than I can get up the M20 at the moment.
I’ve just had a look through my diary. Since I started hunting under rocks for Tupperware I’ve worked on every International Geocaching Day except the one in 2014.

As I drove the pundits on the radio spouted their usual drivel. Jeremy Corbyn continued to make himself more and more unelectable. Such a shame that he can't see it. 
There was also talk of the Iranian oil tanker that the Royal Marines seized a little while ago. The thing now has permission to sail provided it doesn't go to Syria. The Americans are up in arms that it might go to Syria. The Iranian government have given a written undertaking that it won't Some chap on the radio this morning suggested that the Syrians haven't got a harbour big enough for the tanker to dock. Haven't they? I don't know. But it keeps the politicians squabbling with each other and distracted from doing anything else.

I got to work; I considered going to the canteen for second brekkie, but thought better of it. Instead I got on with that which I couldn't avoid. The day wasn't bad.

Once home "er indoors TM" and I took all four (!) dogs to Orlestone Woods. We had a rather good walk; with Sadie along, Fudge didn’t straggle anything like he usually does. We did meet some other dogs, but that passed off mostly without incident.

With the walk done "er indoors TM" boiled up a rather good bit of dinner and we scoffed it whilst watching a couple of episodes of “Timeless”. I say “watching”; I slept through the second one. I’m still feeling rather grim…

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