7 July 2016 (Thursday) - Horsted Keynes, Spamalot

After a geo-rally and some night shifts I waas grateful for a proper nightt asleep last night. Even if I was wide awake a lot earlier than I might have been.
As I sat down to brekkie I saw that the SkyPlus box had decided to start recording "Game of Thrones" right from the very first episode. I've been thinking that I should really watch that show right form the start again, and so I did. There was lots of blood, Nudey-Dragon-Girl got them out, and I think I now know who some of the main characters are.

I then popped the lead onto "Furry Face TM" and we drove out to Horsted Keynes where we met Gordon and Norton, and we went for a little (just over eight miles) geo-stroll. There was some beautiful scenery to be seen and we were amazed that (seeing how we finished exactly where we started) there was a *lot* more up than down.
It was a hot day; we were all glad of the iced water we'd taken, and especially glad of a pint of "Landlord" in the pub at the end of our walk.
Cache-wise the walk was best described as "old school" with hides not that close together. But all were relatively straight-forward finds.

We set off homewards, and got home with a minute to spare. Ideally I would have had a bit of a wash and brush up before going out, but I had just enough time to change into trousers that weren't covered in mud and into a clean shirt before zooming out again. Perhaps I shouldn;'t have stopped off for three more geo-finds on the way home...
Steve and Sarah had arrived and we set off to Maidstone. We got a bite to eat in Nandos (very tasty) and then went next door to the Hazlett theatre. We had tickets for "Spamalot". I'd not seen it before. I'd certainly go back and see it again.

I'm going to bed now; I'm worn out. And bearing in mind how cloudy it was today (and it rained a few times) I've caught the sun...

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