14 July 2016 (Thursday) - This n That

Every night seems to be the same. I spend the evening drifting in and out of sleep. I go to bed shortly before 11pm and sleep for a few hours, then lay awake. I eventually give up trying to sleep and watch drivel on the telly until 7am when I need to start the day but actually feel as though I want to go back to bed.
Last night was exactly that. After laying awake for ages I got up at 5am, did my morning things, watched the third episode of "Game of Thrones", and then realising I had to be in at work at 8am I felt like death warmed up at 7am.
Mind you Game of Thrones" was entertaining. Now I've started watching it from the beginning much of what has happened in the later episodes is making a lot more sense. At the risk of appearing puritanical I'm not sure the show needs quite so much nudity (for all that it seems to be the show's trademark), and watching it on the SkyPlus box means that I can fast-forward through over twenty minutes of adverts in every show. It's not a bad waste of time when otherwise I would be bored.

I got dressed, fussed my dog (who was still asleep), watered my tree and went to work. As I drove the news was all about which politicians have found and lost favour in the eyes of our new Prime Minister. Some appointments were well-deserved as were some dismissals, some were predicable, and some were frankly ludicrous. But as to whether they will actually be good decisions, only time will tell.

Once at work I did that which I could not really avoid, and then came home to take my dog for a walk. Once he was walked and fed Jimbo and Stevey arrived. We had a cuppa then went round to Steve and Sarah's. We sent out for take-away. My chili beef and chicken curry was excellent, but poor Steve had been given the wrong order, and Jimbo had more balls than sense.

Denver and Jon arrived, and we had an astro-committee meeting. With the club running on an even keel we made all sorts of plans for the future. It only remains for me to remember exactly what those plans were and to write them up. Failing that, the minutes of the meeting will be what I say they were. After all I've minuted meetings like that before...

I've *really* got the farts now.. I blame chili beef and chicken curry.

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