18 July 2016 (Monday) - Monoliths and Pumps

I didn't sleep well (again); it was a hot night. Being on a late start I had no intention of being up as early as I was.
With little else to do I had a look-see on-line. Yesterday was Pirate's Day in Hastings; I always miss that. I also saw that geo-friends had been up a tree. And I was also rather pleased to see that one of my contributions to the national congress of tupperware-hunters has been accepted.
But there is only so much looking on-line that one can do, so I woke my sleeping dog and took him for a walk.

Yesterday as I walked "Furry Face TM" round the park we saw a rather odd monolith which hadn't been there the last time we looked. This morning as we walked we found two more. Apparently Tesco paid for them. Billed as the Young People's Sculpture Trail, it will "take people on a journey of discovery, telling stories of the park’s past, and encouraging learning and engagement in green spaces management".
The sculptures have been created by local young people with the help of artists and craftsman, through school workshops, youth groups and open drop in sessions. There are supposedly six of the things in the park. I've found three. They actually look rather good. I hope they last.

We came home; I settled my little dog and went out to my car. I've had a rather good weekend. A good walk with my dog on Saturday morning followed by an afternoon on the beer with good friends. And a day out with family to PugFest yesterday.
I didn't really want to go to work this morning. I wanted another day of doing as I pleased. It was with something of a heavy heart that I set off to work. Doubly so. My laptop is playing up but the money I had earmarked to replace it needed to be spent on a new filtration system for the garden pond. After nearly nine years the pump has finally given up.

I drove out to Ark Aquatics at Chartham. "My Boy TM" had been most insistent that I paid Internet prices for the pond pump gear, and Ark Aquatics is an Internet-based bunch with an outlet in Chartham. They were *really* helpful (unlike other pond shops I've been to), and although the bits and pieces I bought came to over four hundred quid, it was not over the five hundred I was expecting to have to shell out.

With a little time on my hands I thought I might have a little geo-adventure. There was a cache not ten minutes from Ark Aquatics on which I'd drawn a blank a couple of months ago. I'd had a little hint in the meantime, and after some to-ing and fro-ing I eventually found my prey. Mind you the given co-ords were some twenty metres out. Perhaps a little much, even allowing for tree cover?

I then went on to Morrisons for some fruit. Next time I go there I shall take an air-horn to wake people; everyone was bumbling about and it was only when they bumped into me that they actually realised that they weren't the only person in the shop.
I then went on to work via Homebase (where I got a plug for the new pump) and Go Outdoors (where I got trousers to replace the ones I ripped when rescuing Sid last week)

I got to work. It was too nice a day to be indoors. I sweltered for much of the day whilst worrying about my pond fish. With no pump going they might be suffering. I got home to find they seemed to be OK. I spent little while sorting out the new pump. Having bought a new pump and filter I had assumed the old hose would have connected them both. It is the wrong size.
I shall go back to the shop tomorrow...

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