2 July 2016 (Saturday) - Geo-Rally

We loaded up the car and took "Furry Face TM" round to "My Boy TM" where he was having a little sleep-over with Rolo then we set off for Farthing Corner for the start of the weekend's planned event.
In other parts of the world geocachers are allowed to have ralllies where they meet up, and then have a set time to cache like things possessed then meet up again to see who got the most. The geo-feds have opposed our attempts to stage such an event, but after over two years' perseverance we managed to get a twenty-four hour competition off the ground. With points available for types of cache found, counties and countries visited it paid to go at this with a plan. I'd spent a while formulating such a plan for our team.

Having the organisers in our team meant we couldn't actually be part of the contest... but we took part anyway. The organisers organised the event; I organised our team. (After a fashion...)
We met up, had a bite to eat, and then several car loads set off in various directions. Our plan was to go for high-scoring cache types in as many counties as we could, and so we thought we might (at various distances) circle London.
We found one geocache nearby, and having got one in Kent we set off through torrential rain towards Eastbourne. We drove for an hour and a half suspecting the event would be a washout, but the rain stopped whern we were about twenty miles from Eastbourne and didn't come back again. We were rather pleased about that.

The plan was to hunt Earthcaches and Church Micro Multis in Eastbourne until 6.30pm. And that was what we did. We had a rather good geo-session in which we chased students away from modern art in the town centre and in which we gott to play silly beggars on the beach. And at 6.30pm we adjourned to Favo'loso for dinner. Despite the mad woman at the next table having conversations with the voices in her head we had excellent meals, and (as per the schedule) left East Sussex at 7.30pm.

We arrived in Lancing in West Sussex an hour later where the plan was a geo-ghost hunt and to randomly chase tupperware until 1am. We had a really good walk along the coast, we watched the kite surfer, we played in the children's play park, we found a cache that really shouldn't have been near the children's play park, we got to act *very* suspiciously in churchyards after dark, and we even rummaged under boats.
But having effectively chased all the tupperware that was conveniently placed to be chased we thought we'd get a little ahead of ourselves and left West Sussex at 11pm.

We're off to Surrey now...

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