6 July 2016 (Wednesday) - Stuff

As I was getting into my car last night our troublesome neighbour was arrving home. He hadn't seen me (which was probably for the best). I wasted a little while watching him in amazement. He spent a minute or so unlocking the various locks on his front door, all the time glancing furtively around. Eventually he plucked up the courage to open the door (as little as was necessary), then slipped inside and quickly closed the door behind him all in less than one second. And then I heard the rather noisy sounds of various locks being fastened.
In the past he's ranted at me at great length about the importance of having his back garden fences all smothered in roses. He says this deters anyone from trying to get into his garden. He simply can't understand that I've never thought that anyone would ever want to intrude into his (or my) back garden.
Is he *really* that paranoid or is he hiding something in his house?

I then drove off to work (getting some food for the night from Morrisons on my way through). Once there I did my bit in between listening to the radio. I quite like Radio Four and Radio Four Extra during the night. There is no music; it is all talk. And when on the night shifts I like hearing a voice (that isn't in my head). Usually on a two-night-shift session I go over forty eight-hours in which (other than work-related matters) "Daddies Little Angel TM" is the only person I speak to in all that time. (and that is only if she isn't at mother and toddlers groups)
Talking of "Daddies Little Angel TM" she messaged me a few times. She has a hankering for a pet turtle. I can't help but think that a turtle might be a bit big for her flat. A terrapin might be better size-wise, but those things have a nasty bite. I've been given instructions to design a vivarium for an as yet unspecified chelonian; after all we used to make vivaria in the past.
I've agreed as it is always easier to agree. I expect (and hope) that this idea will soon be forgotten. On the other hand I can't help but wonder what hare-brained scheme she will come up with next. She is definately her father's daughter.

Once home from work I took "Furry Face TM" round the park where we narrowly avoided OrangeHead's posse. As we walked I met a lady with a poodle. This lady had the most massive hearing aids and the poodle's lead had "Hearing Dog" emblazoned on it. I didn't know poodles could do that sort of thing. Mind you the lady did say the dog got very easily distracted.

I came home and went to bed for a couple of hours, then over a bit of dinner watched the first episode of the new series of "Dark Matter". The first series was rather good. the second hhas started well; but I'm sure I would have liked it more if I remembered what had happened in the first series.
I then set about the ironing. Eight shirts kept me occupied for the best part of an hour, then I geo-puzzled for an hour or so until "er indoors TM" come home and went out to aqua-zumba. I wondered what aqua-zumba was, but didn't like to ask.
So I programmed "Hannah" for tomorrow and waited patiently for my tea....

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