26 April 2017 (Wednesday) - Stuff

It was just getting light when I decided to give up trying to sleep and got up this morning. I watched an episode of “BattleStar Galactica”; half way through my dog came downstairs, went to his basket and started snoring. I had to turn up the volume of the telly to hear it over his snores.

I then set the dishwasher going and had a look at the Internet. Overnight my web browser Firefox had upgraded itself. I could see no difference whatsoever. A lot of these programs and apps regularly need updating but are seemingly completely unchanged after the so-called improvement. The all-new Firefox took a while to get going, and when it was running it became my window on the world as I looked in into cyberspace. Absolutely nothing at all had changed overnight on Facebook, but I had an email. The Environment Agency had emailed me to say that under-sixteens don’t have to pay for a fishing licence any more, but they still need to apply for one before going fishing. They didn’t say why, though. Mind you, I’m not complaining; fishing keeps them out of mischief.

As I drove to work the pundits on the radio were discussing the various proposals about changes to schools which are being bandied by Labour and Conservative politicians. Proponents of both sides of the argument were wheeled on; both slagged off the other, and both said how their idea was brilliant on ideological grounds. Neither one had any tangible evident to support their position though.
There was also talk about giving nurses a pay rise in line with inflation if Labour got into power. I wondered if everyone else in the hospital would get the bung. It seems they (we) would, but it bothers me that only nurses got a mention on the radio.

I got to work and had a rather eventful time. Bonking, gassing, and dealing with the more obscure end of the Kell blood group system (anti-Kp(a) with an autoantibody doesn’t crossmatch itself, you know). And then I got rather wet walking from work to my car; I got caught in a rather extreme hailstorm.

Once home I took the dogs round the block. Fudge was well behaved on the lead, but once off the lead he would straggle. Treacle was fine when off the lead, but when on the lead pulled like a train. Walking both dogs on my own can be troublesome, but the cupboard was bare and "er indoors TM" had gone shopping.

Over a rather good bit of dinner we watched Saturday’s episode of “Doctor Who” then I ironed some shirts and then fell asleep watching an old episode of “Bake Off”. I *hate* falling asleep in the evening – I shall be wide awake at 3am…

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