31 January 2017 (Tuesday) - Kindle Format

Another terrible night thanks to a restless puppy. "er indoors TM" went downstairs with that baby dog at about 4:30am, and it was shortly after that when my dog started having nightmares. I gave up trying to sleep and went downstairs myself and sent "er indoors TM" and the puppy back upstairs.
I scoffed brekkie and in between fits of coughing I watched David Jason in “The Darling Buds Of May”. I can’t help but wonder if he was cast as “Pop Larkin” for reasons of karma; surely Pop Larkin is just a successful version of Del Boy?

I had a good run to work today; as I drove the pundits on the radio were discussing the news that Peter Capaldi is leaving the role of “Doctor Who”. In an interview he said that he feels it is time to move on. He’s done the job for three years and he’s never spent more than three years in a job. I can relate to that – having effectively spent over thirty years in one job I’m really enjoying doing something different.

I stopped off at Aldi in Maidstone this morning; it is on my way to work. There is a pound-shop and a pet shop next door to it, but they don’t open until 8.30am. I might have a look at them if I come past later one morning, but I’m a bit loathe to be chancing the rush-hour traffic.

During tea break I finished my latest read on my Kindle app. “The Mote in God’s Eye” is certainly one of my top three books. My original paperback version (bought in 1982) fell apart from over-reading. I’ve got another paperback which is similarly falling apart. I got the Kindle version last week. I pity anyone who tries to read it. The editing is piss-poor; there are no paragraphs at all. A break in a paragraph would indicate a change of scene. The reader doesn’t get that break. I’ve read the book so many times that I know what is going one. A first time reader would have no idea what was happening.
Such a shame.

I had another good day at work; and made good time home. Once home I took the dogs round the block. I can’t wait until the longer nights when I can take them round the park.
We scoffed a rather good bit of dinner whilst watching normal people totally losing in The Crystal Maze, then Martin arrived and we drove round to Arden Drive for the Tuesday evening gathering. We got Alexa (Chris’s computer thingy) to tell dirty jokes and then watched an episode of “Gotham”. Good stuff…

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