26 November 2013 (Tuesday) - New Doctor

After a swift bit of brekkie I took "Furry Face TM" on a walk. Today we did a rather standard circuit thought the park and on to Singleton Lake. I was expecting to run in to Orangehead, but neither she nor her chunky little friend was anywhere to be seen. Which was something of a relief. As we went into the Bowens Field wetland park I took the lead off of my furry associate, and the lead stayed off for about a mile. He was really good; coming back when called and not rolling in anything untoward nor shagging that which he shouldn't either.

Once home I did an hour’s homework, then went on to the doctors. I say “doctors” – I went along to see the nurse who would effectively give me an M.O.T. and see if I was worth the risk of taking on. The nurse seemed quite chatty. She weighed me (I’ve but a lot of weight back on) and took my blood pressure; it’s 130/70 which is better than it has been. But still there is room for improvement.
Notwithstanding all this she gave me the “thumbs-up” and I have been accepted at my new surgery. I now have to make a double appointment with one of the doctors who will review my medical history and my medication. I did gently hint that I’m not actually on any medication, but that would appear to be a piddling detail.

To celebrate I bought myself a cream cake. For all that the new doctor’s is only a couple of minutes’ walk away; it is next door to the chip shop and only a few yards from the bakery. I had my cream cake for lunch. It was most enjoyable. Whilst I scoffed it I watched a film. Following on from yesterday’s “The Great Rock n Roll Swindle”, today I watched “Breaking Glass” which is another old favourite of mine. Interestingly the DVD case still had the receipt from when I bought the DVD. That DVD was bought new in 2002. Eleven years ago a new DVD cost £12.99. I thought it interesting how DVD prices haven’t changed that much; if anything they have got cheaper.
And on watching the film I was again amazed and impressed at the skills of the saxophonist. I would like to learn to play the saxophone. I see that as one of my next great projects. So as a first step to this goal I need to obtain a saxophone. I had a look on-line; they aren’t cheap. If any of my loyal readers have a saxophone that they don’t use, could I borrow it?

The phone rang. It was “Edward” from the servers of the World Wide Web. Apparently he had detected my suspicious activities and he was going to “un-new the registrations of my computers” unless I gave him the passwords to every on-line account and profile that I had. I told him to get knotted and hung up. I did the 1471; he’d phoned from a London number (0207 9760 439) which (after a llittle Googling) I found was a known number from which many nuisance calls originate. I would report the all, but why bother. These people will just call from somewhere else.

I then checked my letter rack. I had a letter from the power company saying that he cost of leccie and gas was going up for which they were very sorry. They then gave a detailed breakdownn on how it would affect my bill. I didn't like to say anything, but the rate per unit that I will be paying from January will be cheaper than I am paying now.

er indoors TM" boiled up a rather good bit of scran, and we set off via Queen Street to Somerset Road for the weekly gathering of the tribes. Insults were bandied and we watched the Peter Davison Doctor Who annniversary piss-take before settling down to an installment of "Merlin". In tonight's episode Sir Lancelot croaked. Personally I felt the chap was akin to bread and butter pudding with legs, but his being dead won't help the plot much. Wasn't he supposed to pork Guinevere?

Meanwhile I saw this wonderful video on You-Tube What does the fox say?

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