23 April 2011 (Saturday) - Busy Day

“My Boy TMcame home last night at 4am. Having turned on every light in the house, he then went to bed “quietly”. It annoys me that during the daytime he really does creep around the house with ninja-like stealth, but at 4am he can be heard three counties away. But I was awake anyway – it was too hot to sleep last night.

Before work I did some shopping – to B&Q to get some light bulbs. As I paid for my purchases I explained to the bloke at the till that I wasn’t stealing a light bulb and a light bulb box: those were the broken ones I’d brought along so I knew what replacement ones to buy. The chap on the till smiled, and said that he wished more people did that. Apparently with dozens of styles, shapes, sizes and wattages of light bulbs, most people just turn up and ask for a light bulb. And seem shocked to find that they come in more than just one sort.

And so to work. According to the rota, since the start of last September I should have worked seven Saturday mornings; I’ve worked over double that. But I really shouldn’t grumble. It’s the opportunity for overtime which pays for the Kindle (did I mention I’ve got a Kindle?). Normally Saturday morning working goes one of two ways – we are either hellishly busy or we are not. Today was a "not" day, which was probably for the best as I was feeling somewhat under the weather. Can’t think why(!)
Work passed quickly, and soon I was home, and then Chip arrived to drive us down to Folkestone. I’d been looking forward to an afternoon with friends for ages, and I’m sorry to say that I spent most of the time asleep. It bothers me that I waste so much time at night wide awake, and then spend more time during the day fast asleep.

It would have been good to have stayed longer, but littluns have a routine to keep to, and so we came home where I carried on dozing on the sofa until Doctor Who came on. Over on another blog I follow they voiced the opinion that it was the negative reaction of the fan base that caused the powers that be to pull the plugs on Stargate and Star Trek: Enterprise. Bearing in mind that there may well be an element of truth in that, I’ll gloss over tonight’s Doctor Who episode with the observation that I’m hoping that this series is just being a bit slow to get going.
We then watched a movie – “Hot Tub Time Machine” was quite fun, and I stayed awake through  the whole thing so it must have been good. And then ‘er indoors TM remembered that the 1066 Rockitmen were playing in Woodchurch. I see so little of my mate Rick (their guitarist) that we popped down for half an hour to watch them and to see Rick. We met his new ladyfriend. She was a tad tiddly, told us her age, and apologised for being fourteen years younger than him. Bearing in mind I have a degree in mathematics I soon deduced that either she was too tiddly to do the sums, or someone’s been telling porkies….

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