26 July 2010 (Monday) - Cheap Beer

Before work I charged up my phone. Once a daily event, now the bluetoooth is turned off I’m charging it maybe twice a week. Far better. And then I got a text message on the thing – Lidl’s were doing cheap beer again. The last time they did cheap beer I left it too late and they sold out. So I didn’t muck about and went straight there. They were knocking out Bishop’s Finger and Spitfire at a pound a bottle, which is rather cheap. There wasn’t a lot left when I arrived, but I took three cases for the upcoming weekend at Teston. Thirty six bottles over four days works out an nine bottles a day. That ought to do. I’ve also got some amoretto just in case. I’m laying off the port – I think I may be developing gout. Or it might just be the arthritis spreading.
And then to work. Which was dull. You know, I really don’t like Mondays. Regular readers of this drivel will know I make a point of not wasting weekends, and so the start of the dull weekly routine comes really hard…

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