7 November 2020 (Saturday) - Bit Tired

The night shift was hard work; I was glad when the relief arrived. As I drove home there couldn’t have been very much news at all. Personally if I were running the radio station I would have mentioned the latest Brexit news bearing in mind the Prime Minister was talking with the head honcho of the EU today. And I would have had a look at the ongoing debacle which is the American Presidential election in which Donald Trump was accusing everyone and everything of fraud despite his only evidence being that people didn’t vote for him. Instead the pundits on the radio broadcast a frankly dull conversation between an elderly war veteran and a woman who had befriended him. It was all very interesting in its way, but peak-time radio?

Mind you there was an interesting five minutes about how it is now illegal for Scottish parents to smack their children. There was a lot of hot air vented on the subject… I’ll just say that others may have had different experiences, but in my experience there are two sorts of people who advocate against smacking children; those with no children of their own, and those with the most unruly and ill-behaved brats.


I got home, had a shower and went to bed. As I walked up the stairs so Fudge sulked at me. He clearly had been expecting to go out for a walk, and wasn’t happy that we weren’t going right away.

I slept for three hours, and after a quick bit of toast I was ready to go for that walk.

All the dogs were asleep by then.


Eventually we got ourselves together. We drove a quick circuit of Stanhope where a few virtual greeting cards had appeared, then had a little walk around Park Farm. Years ago I had several geocaches down there. Once they had run their course I archived them in the hope that someone else would put out some new caches. Eventually someone did, and we spent an hour wandering the back alleys finding them.

We came home, had cake, then once I’d harvested all the dog turds from the garden (there were quite a few) I wired up those Lego plugs that arrived yesterday. Having made custom-length cables I then re-built my Lego locomotive to include a light. The thing works rather better now that it isn’t running on flimsy cables which keep flopping loose.

While I was at it I found quite a few Lego motors which don’t seem to work. It didn’t take long to open them up, fill them with WD40 and find which ones worked and which ones didn’t.


"er indoors TM" boiled up a particularly good bit of dinner which we washed down with a (frankly) disappointing bottle of plonk. As we scoffed and guzzled we watched an episode of “Star Trek: Discovery”. It was a good episode… or it could have been. The writers so obviously went for the “fanwank” option in which they played back to established Star Trek mythos. It would have worked if they had ever actually watched the series Star Trek; The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, rather than just mentioning a major thread of the show and completely getting it wrong.

You really would think that is a show with so much established continuity the writers would take the trouble to have a little look at what went before. Or is it just me who is such a geek that I can remember TV trivia from twenty-five years ago? 

We then watched an episode of “Ghosts” which was rather good, and then the Graham Norton show which featured Kylie Minogue… She’s recently released a new record. Does she need the money? I suppose it is all vey well being famous, but does it pay the bills?

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