4 November 2020 (Wednesday) - Another Early Shift

I didn't sleep well (again). Snoring was the problem this time. I was reluctant to clout any potential miscreant as I was unsure as to whether I was dealing with a human or canine snorer. I'd finally got to sleep when the alarm went off.

Over brekkie I watched an episode of "Time Gentlemen Please" then peered into the Internet. For absolutely no (sensible) reason whatsoever the geo-feds have announced that there will be no new geocaches published during Lockdown II. I wrote to Geo-HQ, explained that this idea was idiotic at best and asked them just how many people have contracted COVID-19 from a film pot hidden under a rock. They replied with a pre-written standard response that failed to address what I'd asked them, and they also said that they weren't offering any refunds either. There were also whinges on Facebook from friends who had tried to create Earthcaches and had extremely rude dismissals from the reviewer. You would think that Geocaching might have thought that customer service might be important, wouldn't you? They must be losing custom hand-over-fist as people pack up with them and play Munzee instead.


I wandered out to find where I'd left my car, and realised that winter was here - for the first time this winner I had to scrape ice from my car's windscreen.

As I drove up the motorway the talk was about the American Presidential election that took place yesterday. With counting of the vote expected to take a few days it is far too early to call the result. But despite being quite a way behind in those states that have declared a result, President Trump was live on the radio this morning loudly announcing that Joe Biden can't catch him, and also accusing Mr. Biden of electoral fraud.

President Trump does live in a dream world, but he appeals to those who believe anything provided that it is shouted loudly and confidently.

As the day went on I peered into the Internet at tea breaks I was amazed at just how many people were posting on social media about how concerned they were that there was any chance that Donald Trump might secure a second term. Very few of them were American. Perhaps voting for a demonstrable idiot is an American thing? The bloke seems to be an out-and-out doombrain, but millions of people clearly love him.


Work was work; we had cake. And an early start did make for an early finish today. I came home and walked three-quarters of the resident wolf-pack round the block. Monday’s circuit of the block was something of a disaster; today’s was fine. We saw another dog and ignored it. We saw a cat and although we watched it “like a pork” (as "My Boy TM" used to watch "Daddy’s Little Angel TM" in days gone by) we neither barked nor tried to give chase. Some days the walk is a chore, other days it is a pleasure. I just wish I knew what goes through the dogs’ heads to make them kick off when they do. Which is exactly the reason why I loke going down to the woods where we can (mostly) avoid any sources of “episode”.


With walk walked I added to the virtual Munzee garden and sent out some virtual greetings. I’ve acquired a lot of those recently, and I get points for sending greetings this month (it’s a Munzee thing).

"er indoors TM" boiled up a rather good bit of dinner which we devoured whilst watching some utter tripe (on the Discovery channel) which was holding aliens responsible for pretty much everything that had happened in the history of mankind. "er indoors TM" seemed to be taken in by it, but she was singularly unable to tell me who would win in a fight between an alien and a yeti. Taking that as a total triumph for science, I then wrote a few blog entries about science whilst Fudge lay next to me on the sofa, hiccupping in his sleep (as dogs do).

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