20 November 2020 (Friday) - Watching Telly

After a rather restless night I watched an episode of “People Just Do Nothing” (I do like that show) before sparking up my lap-top.

I perused Facebook (while I still could). I had a message. Last night I’d offered someone some help on a geo-puzzle. This morning I offered more. And then I nearly choked on my coffee. Someone was asking on one of the geo-websites about whether or not you should do the on-line logging with the same date that you find the actual geocache. Someone else had posted about how not doing this was rather bad form, even though they’d caused no end of upset recently when they dated a local film pot with a date when they were on a holiday several hundred miles away.

And I saw that a work-related question I’d posted had stimulated quite a bit of discussion, and (amazingly) not a bit of squabble.


I found my car covered in ice, so I popped back inside to get a bottle of cold water. That shifts ice far quicker and far more successfully than endless scraping does. As I scraped, "new next door" came out and set off to his work on his bike. I would have thought that minus two degrees on a bike was a bit keen.


As I drove to work the pundits on the radio were talking about how the Chancellor of the Exchequer was considering a pay freeze for public sector workers. Public opinion is a fickle thing, isn't it. It wasn't that long that everyone was standing on the doorstep clapping me like things possessed, and now my promised pay rise is going up in smoke. Call me ungrateful if you will but given the choice of either people standing outside their house bashing their saucepans together or hard cash, I'd rather take the money.

There was also talk about the re-counts in the American election which haven't gone down at all well with Donald Trump and his followers seeing how the recounting (by hand rather than by machine) has just confirmed the original count. Again Donald Trump was being portrayed as a rather sad and pitiful figure – as another David once lamented: how are the mighty fallen.

There was also a lot of talk about the country coming out of lock-down in a couple of weeks. I found myself wondering if the country had gone into lock-down. The motorway signs were all bearing notices about "essential travel only" whilst the motorway was as busy as I've ever seen it.


I got to work for the early shift, did my bit and came home. I had intended to come home via Aldi in Aylesford but the traffic to get into the place was queueing up the road (what was that all about?) so I went to the Aldi in Ashford today for a rather stressful experience. The place was heaving, and not one person in twenty was looking at where they were going or what they were doing. Utterly oblivious to the universe around them, so many people were in their own little world, and looked most indignant when they kept falling over each other.

It was a shame that I got pretty much everything except the granola and biccies which were the only things I’d actually gone to buy.


Once home "er indoors TM" boiled up fish and chips which we scoffed whilst watching this week’s episode of “Star Trek: Discovery” which I didn’t like very much. I think I am fast coming to the conclusion that I can’t stand the lead character in the show.

And as I ironed I watched the next episode of “The Crown”. Something was “wrong” with the show, but what? This episode featured Mark Thatcher getting lost in the desert, the Argentinian invasion of South Georgia and Princess Diana being heavily pregnant. Thirty seconds on Google showed that these three events were some months apart; they weren’t simultaneous as the show would have had us believe. And that’s what is wrong with the show. It is based on real events, but only *based*. There is a lot of poetic licence involved, and as I can remember the actual events s they happened, I’m having to remind myself this isn’t a history lesson but a made-up story.

Didn’t I say that two days ago?

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