11 November 2020 (Wednesday) - Rostered Day Off

I slept for eight hours last night. The soporific effects of a night shift and a bottle of red wine are quite amazing.

Once awake I went downstairs and let Sid out. I say “let” Sid out. The other dogs need to be let out as they ask to go out. Sid needs to be “sent”. I got him out in the nick of time; he started dropping turds almost the moment he was out the back door.

I thought I could either have my brekkie and wait for dog brekkie and generally waste the best part of an hour, or I thought we might go for our morning constitutional right away. We went right away.

We drove down to Orlestone Woods where the car park was surprisingly busy. Loads of cars; all parked somewhat haphazardly. Had people parked a little more thoughtfully then we could have parked a lot closer to the path into the wood. We have this trick of (once the walk is over) having the dogs jump into the boot where we put leads on and have a treat. But (obviously) I’m not happy having them off the leads running through the car park. But I can’t complain; we only had to walk ten yards of car park.

We had a good walk; we bumbled and snuffled and shouted at squirrels that were safe up in the trees. Despite all the cars in the car park we only met one other bunch – the nice lady with the two spaniels who we’ve met before. We exchanged pleasantries. For all that I like Orelstone in that we can walk and rarely meet another person, I also like it because most of the other dog-walkers that we meet understand what dogs are like. There are few “precious princesses” down there.


We came home and had our brekkies. It wasn’t long before the hounds were all snoring, and I made myself some toast and peered into the Internet. Facebook seemed to be heaving with those “I’m always there for you” memes which exhorted everyone to share them. I never share that sort of thing. I suspect few people ever find out who their true friends are. When I really needed help, friends of twenty years turned their back on me. People I barely knew bent over backwards to help.

I also saw an advert for one of those mail-order razor blade companies. They claim their product are the cheapest on the market, but then expect you to change the blade with a rather keen regularity. Bearing in mind Gillette reckon their razors are good for five weeks, I’m not buying something that only lasts seven days. And whilst I’m at it– the next time you need razor blades, buy from Gillette directly. Take the razors I use for example. They will post a ten-pack to you for about ten quid cheaper than the supermarkets sell them. Did you know that? I didn’t. There you are – I’ve saved you a tenner every year. You can buy me a pint as a thank-you.


I deployed a couple of Munzees, then took Fudge to the vet. We arrived, and had our weigh-in. Fudge weighs nine point six kilograms which is a healthy weight for him. I suppose that having seen him like a barrel for much of his life means that what is actually a healthy weight looks like skin and bones to me. We hadn’t been sitting waiting for long when the receptionist asked (with a smile) if I’d done my selfie yet. Apparently for all the customers they get, very few do selfies and check in on Facebook. I am one of the incredibly small minority that do. They’ve asked me to include all the reception staff in our next “vet selfie”.

Fudge got his claws clipped, and got his booster shots too. The vet seemed to think he was doing OK.

The selfie I posted onto Facebook got quite a few comments from friends whose vets don’t allow them in with the animals. It would seem that most vets have you phone them once you are in the car park, then the reception staff come out, take the animal in, and bring the creature back out when they have finished.

What’s the point of that? What with Fudge’s spondylosis and chronic kidney failure I want to talk to the vet about how he is doing, to ask questions and to hear directly from the vet. I don’t want to be fobbed off and left waiting in the car park.

The vet we use is in Pets at Home which was handy. I needed more training treats. Just as I picked up the packet, the two-minute silence was announced. Have you ever observed the two-minute silence in a pet shop? It was an odd experience, to say the least.


We hadn’t been home long when "Daddy’s Little Angel TM" and "Stormageddon - Bringer of Destruction TM" came to visit. They wanted to see the new rat house, which got their seal of approval. I got us all KFC, and we spent the afternoon watching the Cartoon Network channel. Have you seen it recently?

What a load of tripe.

There was “Gumball” which features a cat and a rabbit who seemed to have had various strange offspring including a goldfish. There was “Teen Titans” which had to be seen to be believed, and there was “Apple and Onion” who lived in a town featuring all sorts of animate food including half a pound of butter, a pot noodle and a Cornish pastie. It kept a six-year-old amused, but I slept through a lot of it.

I bet I don’t sleep later…

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