1 November 2020 (Sunday) - Hinxhill

For some inexplicable reason Treacle spent much of the night jumping off the bed then crying to get back up again. Personally I would have preferred her to have spent the night asleep like all the other dogs did.

I got fed up with her whinging, made some brekkie then (pausing only briefly to add to the Munzee virtual garden) had my morning rummage on-line. There was quite a bit of talk about Lockdown II which is starting on Thursday. Some of it was rather well-reasoned, some of it was ignorant ranting. Perhaps one of the most telling posts was from the tattoo studio where I last got tattooed. The chap who runs the place was saying that  he is closing up shop for a month even though he’s been actively encouraging people to use the Track and Trace app, and in all the time they’ve used it they haven’t once had any alerts at all.

A lot of people were posting photos of their Christmas decorations. What with the upcoming lock-down there is a move afoot for people to put up their decorations very early this year. Personally I wish people wouldn’t do Christmas before December. This year by the time Christmas comes, I think I will be sick of it, having had it forced down my throat for two months.


There’s no denying that I had some reservations about going for a walk today. Although the rain had slackened off somewhat it was still rather keen as we loaded the "er indoors TM"-mobile. "er indoors TM" then hit on the sensible suggestion that since the dogs were going to get filthy, why didn’t we go in my car.

So we went in my car.

We didn’t have far to drive today, and we soon met Karl, Tracey and Charlotte. Karl too was a tad dubious about going for a walk today, but what with Lockdown II it is possible that this is the last time we can go for a walk together for a month. We made a start despite the rain, and after half an hour or so the rain did stop. We had a good walk, but I was glad for my wellies and waterproof trousers. The mud was quite thick in places, many of the puddles were deep,

The dogs enjoyed their outing; Fudge certainly did. At one point he shot off in hot pursuit of something or other. Too small for a deer and too big for a rabbit. Was it a hare? Eventually we retrieved him.

Mind you the walk wasn’t as dog-friendly as some we’ve been on; having to lift three filthy dogs four feet up over several very slippery stiles took some doing. And we did have quite a game trying to get everyone safely through the quagmire of a collapsed bridge. And whilst I’m having a whinge, quite a few of the footpaths weren’t as well-marked as they might have been. (Some farmers mark the paths, some don’t).

Having said that, I’ve a vague plan to walk this route again next year in the late spring. I would think that it would be a far better walk when it isn’t a swamp and the views aren’t obscured by the low clouds.

I took a few photos as we walked. It was a rather pretty place today; I’m sure it will be far better when dry.


Geocache-wise we did well; finding all of our targets. Again perhaps there were one or two too many field puzzles for my liking, but that’s probably just me being picky. Someone else has taken the time to go out and create a little guided walk for us, and I am grateful. If only more people would do so.


After seven miles we were back at the cars. We said our goodbyes and drove home. We were right to have taken my car. With my car we can do “boot dogs”, and the dogs were filthy. I don’t mind a bit of mud in the back of my car…

Mind you when I usually do “boot dogs”, there is only me and the dogs in the car. Today "er indoors TM" was with us, and Treacle wanted her mummy. It was a good job we only had a short drive home as Treacle screamed the entire way. My head was pounding by the time we got home.


Once home it was bath time for dogs. You would be amazed at how much mud three small dogs can accumulate. And just as we chased them into the garden to shake themselves dry so the rain started again.


"er indoors TM" boiled up a rather good bit of dinner, then set off Folkestone-wards. Apparently "Daddy’s Little Angel TM"’s pet rats are coming to have a little holiday with us.

I can’t say I’m happy about the arrangement…

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