6 November 2020 (Friday) - Before the Night Shift

I had a rather better night (for which I was grateful). Over some toast I watched another episode of “Time Gentlemen Please”; is it really twenty years since that show was first broadcast?

I then loaded a whole load of rubbish into the car. What with paranoia having gripped the council we now have to book before we can take a trip to the tip. In the past I would just load up the car and get shot of rubbish when the mood took me. Now we have to book our visit to the tip in advance. This is something of a pain in the glass (as "Stormageddon - Bringer of Destruction TM" would say). I wasn’t sure what I was expecting from this new arrangement. I got there and getting in was rather slow as one of the tip operatives stared at my car and took an age trying to find my car’s registration number on his clipboard. I parked up and got rid of my rubbish. I was rather surprised at how many members of staff there were. None of them were actually doing anything though; all were just standing around making sure that people parked where they were told to park.


With rubbish unloaded I came home. I came home shortly before nine o’clock. Usually the roads round the tip are very busy, and today was no different. Bearing in mind that today is the second day of Lockdown II I was expecting them to be quieter. At the start of the first lock-down I could drive to Maidstone during what used to be rush-hour and see maybe a dozen other cars driving about. Today the traffic was the same as it always is.


Once home I collected those dogs who were up for a walk, and took them down to Orlestone Woods where we did our usual circuit of the wood. As we walked we met our friends the red setters and all went well, for which I was grateful. And just as we were coming to the car park we saw a normal person walking toward us. There are many ways that you can identify normal people; one way is that they never let their dogs off of the leads. As an experiment I blew the whistle, and all three of my hounds sat and waited patiently whilst Mr. Normal walked his dogs past (on their leads). The chap commented on how well behaved my wolf-pack was. I smiled sweetly, grateful that potential mayhem had been averted.

But seriously – why take dogs to the woods if you aren’t going to let them run?


With walk walked I raked leaves off of the lawn, popped up to the corner shop (to save a supermarket visit later) then sparked up my lap-top. I tried to add to the virtual Munzee garden, but I’d run out of virtual (which was a pain) so I contented myself putting virtual flat badgers in the general vicinity of the M25.

I then wrote up some CPD.

As I wrote CPD the postman arrived with a parcel for me. I’d wanted some Lego plugs so’s I could wire up some lights. The plugs were fine, but the rest of the order wasn’t. Because the order came from Italy and there was a minimum spend I’d made the order value up by ordering what I thought was a Lego motor and a pair of train signals. Instead I’d actually ordered *instructions* for a Lego motor and a pair of train signals. Oh well… I didn’t actually want those, and I did get that which I wanted (and that which I had actually ordered), so I can’t complain. I’ve put the things up for sale on some Lego-related Facebook groups. I might get someone who wants the things who is willing to swap them for some real Lego. Possibly…

If any of my loyal readers want the paper instructions…


I then went to bed for the afternoon. Before going to bed I’d put a hot water bottle into the bed to warm it up a bit, and then had to spend a few minutes fighting Treacle for the warm spot.

I managed to sleep for three hours, despite dogs barking at random intervals for random reasons. 

Hopefully "er indoors TM" will boil up some dinner in a while, then I’m off to the night shift. I can’t say I’m keen on the idea, but I was originally down to do the late shift today and also Sunday morning. A colleague asked if I would swap my two shifts for her night, and (on reflection) I think I got the better end of the deal…


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