17 November 2020 (Tuesday) - Rostered Day Off

I got up and spent a rather frustrating time chasing Sid round the garden, had a shave then chased him round the garden again. As I ate my toast Sid was shouting his protests from the kitchen. He wanted to come out of there, but having “done” nothing outside I wasn’t going to have Sid crap on the living room carpet again.

"er indoors TM" got up and she too chivvied Sid round the garden but to no avail.


I peered into the Internet and saw the same half dozen posts shared on dozens of Facebook groups. The same meme about dogs on six dog groups, the same obscure “Sparks” album cover on ten “Sparks” groups, the same grinning idiot brandishing a carp on a dozen fishing groups. No matter what the subject area, there are so many groups about each one on Facebook. All created by people who’ve had arguments with people in others and have started their own spin-off group. And each group filled with people who don’t actually *do” whatever it is that the group is about but just argue about it instead.

A friend had posted an article by the BBC about the forthcoming demise of the petrol-fuelled car. I don’t know the first thing about cars; electric or otherwise…. But stopping the production of petrol cars within the next ten years? What would this mean for someone (like me) who has a sixty-mile round trip to work every day with no practical public transport alternative and no facility either at home or at work for charging an electric car? As I say, I don’t know the first thing about cars but it looks to me like eking out the petrol and then being forced into early retirement. If it happens. With forty per cent of the UK’s houses not having off-street parking, how practical is charging an electric car going to be?


We got the leads onto some of the dogs, and was just about to settle Sid when he crapped on the carpet. It didn’t take long to clear up, and (while I still have a car) we all went out. Usually I would go to the woods as the dogs can run free. But we had to have a bath after we went there last time, and there’s been torrential rain since. So instead we drove out to Great Chart. I have a “backup walk for when it is wet” which goes from the cricket pitch out to the river and back. A there-and-back walk of about a mile and a half which is on gravelled and firmer ground and is idea for when the weather is against us… We got half-way “there” only to find the path was flooded.

We came home.

With a rostered day off I could have got on working in the garden but all I would have done would have been to stir mud. I could have tried to bodge the roof, but I really wouldn’t know where to start. Instead I went up the corner shop to get cake for us.


"er indoors TM" scoffed hers as she worked. She’s been working from home for some months now and seems to love it. I sparked up my lap-top and fiddled about. I did a little Christmas shopping, wrote up a little CPD, then went up to the attic room where I played Lego for a bit. Some time ago I got a vintage Lego London bus; I’ve been meaning to add to it for some time. Today I opened it up, expanded the driver’s cab a little, added a driver, a conductor on a footplate, and some passengers. A simple enough thing to do; it only took me an hour. But (if nothing else) it was company for the rats. They seem content enough up there, but I worry about them getting lonely.


On Sunday I watched a film. “Doctor Who and the Daleks” was rather lame. I thought about watching the sequel film, but instead I watched the DVD of the sequel TV series. “The Dalek Invasion of Earth” was better than “Doctor Who and the Daleks”, but in all honesty only better in the same way that constipation is better than diarrhoea.

As we watched my sister-in-law phoned. On Friday my nephew had gone missing. Over the years he’s been hard work. and we all expected him to turn up at some point over the weekend. He didn’t. He’s now been missing long enough for the police to officially get involved. The Facebook post from the Hastings Observer has been shared over four hundred times… the “share” I did has been further shared so many times that the Hastings Observer’s Facebook page has declared me a top fan.

If anyone sees Alfie, do let me know. He might be a little sod, but he’s *our* little sod.

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