8 November 2019 (Friday) - Bit Dull

With no alarm set I usually sleep well. With an alarm set I was wide awake long before it was due to go off. I gave up trying to sleep, and over an early brekkie I watched the first episode of the new season of “The End of the Fxxxing World”, which was rather good.
I then sparked up my lap-top (as I do) to see what had happened in the world overnight. I hadn’t missed much, but B&Q had sent me a voucher. I get a fiver of the next thing I buy from them which costs over fifty quid. Such a shame they couldn’t have sent it a couple of days ago. I’m tempted to take that lawnmower back, and then use the voucher on buying another one.

Leaving "er indoors TM" and the dogs fast asleep I set off to work. I had a vague idea to take a rather significant detour via Coxheath to chase some First to Finds (it’s a geo-thing) but I came out to find it was officially winter. My car was iced up. By the time I’d scraped the ice off and got stuck in the diversions round Ashford I’d run out of time for any geo-nonsense, so I headed up the motorway to Maidstone.
As I drove the pundits on the radio were talking about the government’s immigration policy. With (apparently) one NHS worker in eight being an immigrant, the racial hatreds which have been stirred up by Brexit haven’t really helped those who like the idea of actually having a national health service. There was all sorts of talk and suggestions about how immigrant workers might be attracted to come to the NHS… Amazingly no one had even speculated on the possibility of improving the British education system so that we aren’t reliant on importing brains.

There was also talk of the Conservative and Labour parties pre-election promises. The ex-chief civil servant was wheeled on. Apparently there is talk among politicians of changing the law. A few years ago the law was changed so that the funding of proposed government expenses had to be explained. Governments and governments-in-waiting aren’t allowed to promise the moon on a stick when they don’t actually have a pot to piss in. This is something of a stumbling block to those (of all parties) who want to promise the moon on a stick so that they can get elected.

I got to work; the day wasn’t as busy as it might have been.
I came home a tad earlier than usual. I walked the dogs round a very wet co-op field. With "er indoors TM" off to Margate I binge-watched all the rest of The End of the Fxxxing World” whilst doing the ironing.

Just as I’m ready for bed so the dogs have woken up and want to play…

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