23 November 2019 (Saturday) - Geo Meet

During a lull in the proceedings last night (on the night shift) I had a look at Facebook via my phone.  There was a posting on the "Old Boys of the Hastings Academy for Budding Geniuses" page. There had been a school reunion yesterday evening. People who'd been at the Hastings Academy for Budding Geniuses over thirty years ago had got together to reminisce and pretend that the good old days had actually been "good" and not "rather crappy" as they really were. I'd forgotten it was on, but had no intention of going anyway. Of the one hundred and twenty boys in my year, I was close to maybe a dozen, and most of those are already on my Facebook friends list. With a couple of notable exceptions I didn't really have anything to do with anyone who wasn't in my year. I certainly wasn't going to travel thirty miles to make polite conversation with people I probably had never met.
Interestingly there was a video (on the Facebook page) of the attendees singing the School Song. The School Song of the Hastings Academy for Budding Geniuses is an odd one. During my six years there I never heard it sung. In fact before seeing the video today, the only time I had ever heard it sung was by my mother (of all people) who seemed surprised that I'd never heard it. Judging by the video I saw last night I'm rather glad that I never got to sing it. As songs go, it is (was?) rather dire.
Thinking about it, my mother also used to sing a song about "Shrimps and Leopards" which she claimed was the School Song of another seat of learning in Hastings. Years later I found out that the song was actually about "Nymphs and Shepherds".

With the shift done I came home on a rather wet morning. As I drove the pundits on the radio were interviewing the Health Secretary. The chap wasn’t really answering any of the questions put to him; instead he was taking the line “we’re not as bad as Jeremy Corbyn”. Possibly true, possibly not, but hardly a plausible political position.
I got home to find "Daddy’s Little Angel TM" in residence. She was tidying up. I wasn’t getting involved, and went to bed.
I woke up to find here and her mother both gone, and that one of the dogs had eaten all the fish food.

I got the dogs organised and drove out to Quex Barn. This is somewhere that I’ve driven past a few times but have never visited. We met up with Karl, Tracey and Charlotte and had a walk round (managing to avoid the rain). Quite frankly I was rather disappointed. I thought the place was a rather posh country estate; it is more of a series of industrial and commercial units. But we had a good (if rather short) walk.
We then went inside to the geo-meet. Stilton ploughman’s made for a rather good lunch, and it was good to catch up with friends.

I took a brief diversion for fish food on the way home, and once home set the washing machine loose on the laundry. I ironed trousers whilst watching an episode of “The Crown”.

I think an early night might be a plan… it usually is after a night shift.

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