25 November 2019 (Monday) - Bit Dull

I woke half an hour before the alarm was due to go off. A combination of a night shift a couple of days ago and having eaten far too much yesterday had me feeling a tad rough. I got up, made brekkie and shared the crusts with Fudge. In the past the vet has told me off about that, but he’s lost so much weight that I’m sure it’s not that much of a bad thing for him.
As we scoffed toast together I watched the last episode of “Green Eggs and Ham” in which everything turned out for the best (like we thought it would), then I had a quick look at the Internet. (My morning routine is so predictable)

I saw that my cousin (and some of her branch of the family) were off to EuroDisney. I’ve been there a couple of times (when I was a cub scout leader), I’d like to go back sometime myself.
I also saw there was a formal geo-meet being planned for this Saturday as a prelude to actually going off hunting Tupperware even though this is specifically prohibited in the rules.
Ho hum…
With no emails of note I got dressed and set off for work.

It was wet and yukky as I drove to work this morning. Things weren't helped by slow moving traffic on the motorway. I say "slow moving"; the traffic was at a standstill for fifteen minutes then started again for no apparent reason.
As I drove (and sat and waited) the pundits on the radio were interviewing some scientist or other who was part of the British Antarctic survey team. I'm always interested in them... thirty years ago I nearly took a year out to go and work with them. Sometimes I wonder if I should have actually done it.

There was also a lot of talk about the recently released Conservative party manifesto. Yesterday as I drove to Orlestone woods the people who'd written manifesto for the three main parties were being interviewed on the radio. Apparently not one of them was actually a member of the political party for which they worked.
That speaks volumes, doesn't it?

I stopped off at Aldi to get supplies. In their "tat aisle" they had a christmassy light projector thingy for a tenner. I seriously considered getting it. Eventually I realised it would be a total waste of money.
I might go back for it tomorrow.

I got to work and did my bit. It was a rather busy day today; I was glad to come home. I came home via the vet’s. Fudge’s new tablets were ready to be collected.
Once home "er indoors TM" and I waked the dogs through the rain. They didn’t mind getting wet. I suppose I didn’t really mind that much. It goes with having dogs really (not that I ever wanted any).

With "er indoors TM" of bowling I watched a couple of episodes of “The Crown”. I can’t help but wonder just how realistic the show is… mind you I think I would have got on better with Harold Wilson than I ever wold have got on with Edward Heath.

Today was another of those dull days…

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